R min Drama, History, War. A lonely woman recalls her first love thirteen years prior during a brief summer vacation. Unrated min Drama, Comedy. To experience an Audiard film is to embark on a spontaneous vacation to a country you have little to no knowledge of. Sargent , Chris Myland , Alf Myreen. A scholar, tasked to copy a sutra, meets with a mysterious old lady and her daughter in the mountains.

Not Rated min Comedy, Drama. Walking away from her family, she encounters the goddess of water Oedipus Rex Not Rated min Drama 7. Volver I R min Comedy, Drama 7. Which is good, since that means that, like Dheepan and his new family, I too experienced the difficulty of sometimes agreeing to a question whose meaning, on which vital information may hang on to. And I feel like I missed something important in that haze. IMDb user rating average 1 1.

Then we are dumped back in, now in England. Fateless R min Drama, Romance, War 7. I can handle the truth. Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy, Mystery. A story focusing on a conflict between a People’s Liberation Army squad and a bandit gang in north-east China during the Chinese revolution. Each member of the family trying to find their place, their freedom, their escape.

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R min Crime, Drama. Each member of a middle class Taipei family seeks to reconcile past and present relationships within their daily lives. Dheepan Directed by Jacques Audiard Synopsis When the war continues to rage in your heart and mind.

In pre-war Italy, a young couple have a baby boy. Hail Mary Not Rated 72 min Drama 6. Amores Perros R min Drama, Thriller 8. Dheepan is a Sri Lankan Tamil warrior who flees to France and ends up working as a caretaker outside Deepan. The performances are excellent and the gradual bond that emerges between the three strangers is powerfully moving, while Audiard wrings maximum tension from their volatile, drug gang-riddled surroundings.


Others were just surprisingly pleased. In order to let their ill mother rest, they’re separated and sent each one with their relatives. He confesses to dheepqn priest in front of his friends; he insists that the doctor be truthful. Marina, a transgender woman who works as a waitress and moonlights as a nightclub singer, is bowled over by the death of her older boyfriend.

To experience an Audiard film is to embark on a spontaneous vacation to a country you have little to no knowledge of. Other Lists by jnrargn. I myself know a little French, but not enough to follow the type of dialogue gang members would have in a banlieu.

Not Rated 92 min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.

Not Rated min Action, Adventure, Biography. Not Rated min Drama, Mystery. Ina young housewife organizes the women of her town to petition for the right to vote. Or will you cut them lose? R min Drama, Romance, War.

Fanny Not Rated min Comedy, Drama 7. R min Drama, History, War.

A college student gets pregnant without having intercourse, affecting people close and unrelated to her in different ways. Ester becomes seriously ill and the three of them move into a hotel in a small town called Timoka.

When Marie takes a job as a maid in Singapore to support her family in the Philippines, she trades one set of hardships for another. It absolutely has incredible performances by its Tamil non-professional acting leads; Jesuthasan Antonythasan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan, and Subtitpes Vinasithamby.


Subtitles for Dheepan

TIFF — film 5: Xuan LiangChun Zhang Stars: For several months in andinhabitants of Oise live in fright and terror as a serial killer disturbs the peace and quiet. Tokyo Twilight Not Rated min Drama 8. There was little chance, in the yearthat Carole, a Paris Spanish teacher and feminist militant, would ever meet Delphine, the daughter of a couple of Limousin farmers.

PG min Animation, Adventure, Comedy. The premise is brilliant. Pelle the Conqueror PG min Drama 7. Like a modern taxi driver.

Walking away from her family, she encounters the goddess of water Unrated 85 min Drama. Cold Water Not Fheepan 92 min Drama 7. French English Tamil Swedish. The first two-thirds is brilliant.

Two sisters find out the existence of their long-lost mother, but the younger cannot take the truth of being abandoned as a child. Not Rated 92 min Drama. Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Romance. While one seeks love with humans the other hungers to dine on the subritles population of the city.

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When I watched this film, there was only subtitles for Tamil. Remittance II 87 min Drama, Family 8. The end of the 19th century.