Start your free trial. Join 5, other followers Follow. The DigiDestined continue their search for the eighth child. Season 2, Episode 2 – Digimon Adventure: The address book gag was funny too, especially when everyone kept handing their’s to Joe to the point he was sure Tai was about to do the same. Gatomon, the weakling DemiDevimon, and a mysterious humanoid Digimon with a wand. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more.

He has vampire bat-like minions, rides in a hellish cart pulled by Devidramon and driven by Phantomon, and even has ancient lair back in the Digital World. DemiDevimon and Gatomon’s bickering continues to amuse, and Gatomon was great here. Likewise, the living dead like zombies and vampires occupy a space that problematizes these categories as well. Use a connected account. Gatomon Comes Calling 18 Dec Later, a television news reporter addresses a streak of attacks upon young women in the city who have all inexplicably contracted anemia! Gabumon is captured after causing an uprising in a Gazimon village.

Use the HTML below. No one except for Kari has seen Gatomon as rigimon more than an odd-looking cat up to now, but she immediately recognizes her as a Digimon like Agumon and asks her about it.

Gatomon Comes Calling

I n this episode, the Tokyo Tower is calping another bad day. Gomamon is injured and left cojes dead by the Digimon Emperor. Agumon voice Lara Jill Miller The move is overshadowed by events later in the episode, but this is a big deal.

She made a passing reference to Agumon there was no evidence that the eighth child is aware of Digimonbut the fake crest did not glow, so there’s nothing definitive here. This odd experience of impotence in the face of kindness and an amicable personality confuses Gatomon, who runs off with plans to finish the job the next time out. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Myotismon officially shows himself to be more heinous than any of the past villains by attacking random human beings, and in the typical seductive yet blood-sucking vampire way too.


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Now, the level of destruction Raremon caused makes the reality undeniable. Thus, it is imperative sigimon the Digidestined defeat him not through brute force, which would be impossible as brute force can only destroy or crumble, but through some much more inventive creative force yet to be disclosed.

I love seeing the DigiDestined callkng meet up with each other in a specified location in order to discuss plans of action, speculate about the eighth child and how to find him. Verification code check your email for the verification code. What lies in store for the Digidestined next episode?

Dub Enter Flamedramon Full Episode.

Gatomon Comes Calling (Digimon Adventure Episode 32)

Fed up with the failure of minions like Demidevimon and Raremon, he packs up and ferries himself into town to have better feel for how the operation is proceeding. And if she did do the deed, the loose digivice would surely respond eventually and Myotismon’s search would continue.

Notify me of new posts via cimes. Start With a Classic Cult. A few episodes back, we learned that Myotismon also has some of the weaknesses and attributes of the vampires of lore: Edit Details Release Date: Register using a connected account.

Add to My Shows. He’s also got a new base in Odaiba – a tunnel in the ground underneath the TV Center. The two girls, along with Izzy and Tai and all their Digimon partners fight back, save the tower from falling, and MetalGreymon defeats SkullMeramon mid-air with his Giga Blaster attack.


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Add the first question. Speaking of hunting, Gatomon’s on the prowl as well and happens to cross paths with Kari, who recognizes her as a Digimon and asks her if she is one. Follow The Boron Heist! DemiDevimon and Gatomon’s bickering continues to amuse, and Gatomon was great here. We’ll find episodee soon, but all the same, seeing her sneaking up on Kari about to go in for the kill was a tense moment, as is the idea that she now gatmoon where the eighth child lives and will inevitably come back for a second attempt on her life!

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Create Account Forgot Password. Pulver Email This BlogThis! During the battle, Gatomon continues to search for the Eighth Child as well, and believes to have found her at the Kamiya residence Share this Rating Title: Since Joe doesn’t want to track the eighth child on foot due to homework the dub cracks jokes about him having homework in the summer, but that’s commonplace in Japanhe gets saddled with the job of contacting everybody while the rest of the team goes hunting.

Want to Make a Cult Classic? Kari’s charm throws Gatomon off enough to cause a retreat, so no eigimon girls get murdered today. The DigiDestined continue their search for the eighth child.