To say this is just to make fun at the people at dinner mean spirited , don’t realize the greater theme – which I think is there. It was a bad idea! Carrell, as the idiot, should almost immediately gain our sympathy, but this over-the-top performance with the fake hair, nose and buck teeth only plays for low humor laughs. The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The idea, presumably, is that good performances can boost a weak script into something amusing. Literally, Tim runs into a loser. Yet, the rest of the movie is spotty. Having not seen the original French version of the film, I didn’t really know exactly what this film would be based on or how it would be.

May be the fact i see the original movie, knowning the mecanic of the script. And you should watch this first because to watch this after: This film is full of comedic actors, unintentionally following the plot of the film. As often happens, Hollywood seems to have missed the point and delivered a broad and bland remake. What makes these performances work so well is that the actors appear to have no idea how ridiculous they look. Also, speaking of movies such as the hangover, the jokes were generally a lot more involved and some even required some thinking to get such as when Therman, the mind controller states how “the brain, like all other muscles, have pressure points which can be pushed,” which becomes pretty hilarious after you realize the brain isn’t a muscle. There’s NO shortage of writers in this world, the industry can do better if it wants. Let me assure you that Date Night was markedly better than Carell’s latest big screen endeavor.

Tim and Julie who were supposed to be in love reminded me of a crochity old married couple who schmucis each other. I kept watching to see if sanity would make an appearance!

Fod US version of The Office has shown us that Carell can do awkward better than most and Anchorman proved his capabilities of making stupidity funny. No one can hear you.


His bowl haircut, glasses and protruding teeth, evoke bad seventies sitcoms. The original French comedy concluded before the eponymous dinner. However, before Barry can win the trophy as the biggest idiot, he must confront his intimidating IRS co-worker, Therman Zach Galifianakis of “The Hangover”another hopeless moron who constantly overshadows Barry.

The Legend of Ron Burgundy. An error has occured. I tried to watch the office when I got home and due to his performance in this film I felt like it changed my whole view on this gentleman as an actor and comedian.

I need to be punished. It is a typical Hollywood failed remake when the writter thought “let’s make the schmuck even stupidier so it will be even funnier!!! I assume the actors did it for the money.

In reality, the meal is simply an opportunity for elitist senior-management types to laugh at some quirky and eccentric members of society. I love comedies, but very few make me laugh out loud – but this movie had me bursting out every couple of minutes.

The Three Stooges at their worst are better than this movie at its best.

Dinner for Schmucks

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! And its like that for all the character and the situation. Rudd tries to play it likable, while Carell is too stupid to care about. Against all reason and expectation, the result is a distinctly unfunny film.

The problems with Dinner for Schmucks lie in the pacing and the writing. The artist character was weird too, what was that? With a minute runtime, it is simply too long. The man with the bird is having an identity crisis. They understood the greater meaning. In reality, the meal is simply an opportunity for elitist senior-management types to laugh at some quirky and eccentric members of society.


S inspector and a car accident.

The French original was a scream, which is why they bought the rights. The theater – one of the “loudest” comedies I’ve seen. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. I must confess I dinenr get Steve Carrell. Overall Big Brother has come in with a big wallet and once again transformed a French masterpiece into a ridiculous feel-good American production.

The film’s secondary characters of Zach Galifianakis and Jermaine Clement where the only tiny light of hope in this film. Im french and the original movie “Le diner de con” was one of the funniest movies have sjbtitles seen.

I seriously thought “who the hell would want to wnglish with any of these people? It doesn’t take Julie long to convince Tim that the dinner is a dumb idea. Jemaine Clement Flight of the Conchords as avant-garde artiste, Kieran, makes the most of his characters nonsequiturs but only manages to raise a smirk at best.

The one downfall of the movie is that it is entirely predictable most comedies arebut it is still a fun ride till the end. His character, Tim, is inconsistent throughout and the casting for his secretary is just awful. zubtitles

I was leery of what Hollywood might do to it It was full of witty dialogue and, at schmucs minutes long, it worked. Additional information Directors Jay Roach.

Dinner for Schmucks YIFY subtitles

You must have the normal person for the viewer to relate to and understand the story. Then Barry Carell comes in, and seriously, I wanted to punch him in the face throughout the whole movie. Of course not not many movies are – it is called suspension of disbelief.