Much love, no Hate! Caving Discussing MineCon and the trouble getting tickets Working on the storage room facade and floor Gathering glowstone and traveling through a Nether portal to a mushroom biome. Keep up the good work: Underwater fishing and dying from drowning Shows his first shelter made near spawn Travels back to his jungle base, passing by VintageBeef’s castle More cave exploring, finding a cave spider spawner. Riding a horse into the desert to explore and finding a desert temple. On the 5th map, Docm once again showed interest in villagers.

Doc also made Doc Shop at spawn. He supports Bayern Munich. Slaying of the Wither. Trekking and finding a plains biome with many horses, mules and donkeys Taming two wolves on the way, and many of the horses upon arrival Naming a mule ” Spinner ” after spinner for “crazy guy” in German and another one Schnitzel after the fried meat. This page has been accessed 22, times. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Dealing with cave spider spawners Collecting materials for treehouse Discussing 1.

Boatless Wither Void Cage! – The Minecraft World Tour – S4E031 | Docm77

Final touches on the wheat farm Discussing the issues affecting his Tekit pack videos and the solutions Talking about his relationship with his viewers. Battle fishing, burial for Snuggles. Ender Games Gommehd minigame server.

The Stick of Truth.

Mindcrack Minecraft SMP- Berlin Business – Episode 71 – Season 4 – docm77 :: Let’s Play Index

Executing the prank Not in playlist. Using his and Baj’s camera accounts Flooding his witch farm perimeter. Testing the pig farm Minrcrack and collecting jungle wood Discussing music and telling the story of the first concert he attended.


He supports Bayern Munich. Building and harvesting coco bean farm How to place buttons on dispensers.

Collecting wool at Zisteau’s’ and enchanting at the Ender Ender Continuing work on the storage room. I like the horse experiment, maybe just build a simple speedometer and a jump tester with snow layers and try out some horses from time to time.

Seaskn speaks German natively, and learned English during his schooling. Minecraft vacation is over now!

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Working on the storage room Talking about MineCon Talking about drinking and telling a story about getting drunk.

Mindcrack Minecraft SMP- Berlin Business – Episode 71 – Season 4

Doc’s favorite color is green. Showing the progress on the villager breeding cell Explaining how to create a direct line to villagers while preventing lag. Meeting up with Etho for a prank on Guude Not in playlist.

Caving Fighting mobs in search of carrots Riding the pig. Harvesting ice Discussing YouTube as a career and announcing that he now makes videos full time Planning for the track to the ice try and eo about upcoming videos.


This page has been accessed 22, times. Minecraft Xbox – Community World Tour stampylonghead 6 years ago.

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Replanting the wheat farm with carrots Trying to cure zombie villagers. Working on making an automatic pig breeding farm in the treehouse. Caving Looking for his horse Demonstrating an xray technique with snow layers Dying multiple times in a row after his hut is invaded by zombies.

A Lack of Track”. Removing the sand generator Talking mindcrwck world events over the past year.

Hey doc, try a small slime elevator, they’re relatively fast and reliable if you use a minecart. Hay doc what happened to bsg: Talking about livestreaming, video comments, Dear Doc Boat diving into the arena and walking through Spawn.

Making a villager breeding cell Luring and curing zombie villagers. Jindcrack Read Edit View history. Slaying of the Wither.

Exploring a mineshaft Discussing changes in the 1. Cleaning up minrcrack area around his treehouse Discussing peoples perception of his World Tour Working on a pumpkin farm. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.