Urmi pretends like she is speaking to Manish and hearing this Samarat gets confused. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 11, Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. Urmi expresses her desire to dance and hearing this Samrat advises her to stop thinking about her desire to dance as she is now a mother. Rudra speaks to Sashi and asks her if she was the one who had informed Samrat about Urmi’s dance classes, Sashi denies it. Meanwhile, Samrat enters the swimming club with new pair of swimming glasses for Shaurya.

Hearing this, Shashi asks Rudra to go to the police station to free him from the jail, but Rudra refuses. He asks her about his father being in jail. Urmi tries to deny having any affair with Manish but he continues to talk about their love affair. The whole family watches as Urmi continues to shout at Samrat and express her disgust for his behaviour. For how long will Urmi manage to hide about the dance classes from Samrat? Will Urmi find out the truth about Samarat?

She starts afresh as an independent woman, while Samrat ends up in jail. Tauji meanwhile frees Samrat’s father Rudra of all his worries as he is worried about his family. Will Urmi stop them? Samrat returns to armzano revenge on Urmi. The entire family gets surprised when Manish reveals his love for Urmi in front of them. More Videos of Doli Armaanon Ki. He asks the two of them to kiss each other and decides to stay in the room until then. Samrat realizes that his mother is the culprit and begins to ji at her.

She tells ‘tauji’ about it and ‘tauji’ suspects Shashi’s intentions. Watch the entire episode here to know more. Samrat gets furious when he sees the resignation letter by Divakar but finally agrees with Divakar’s decision to look for episoce new job. Next day, Samrat gets furious when he sees Urmi ignoring him completely.


All are shocked, and apalled, as urmi says that she would think she has noone in this world. The whole family sees Urmi’s condition and are shocked seeing this. Samrat speaks armaamo Shaurya’s swimming classes at the dining table and Urmi gets tensed when he mentions that he will be coming for the classes.

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The media and various social groups collect outside the police station to show their support to Urmi. Samrat’s mother Shashi meanwhile is again planning to create differences between her son and Urmi by informing him about Urmi’s dance class. He asks her to leave.

He says that he is a lion and is meant to be predating. Urmi opens the gift and finds a ‘mangalsutra’ inside it. He sees Anu with Shaurya in the swimming classes. Samrat’s mother expects to trap Urmi but is surprised when Urmi does not keep quiet. Samrat orders Urmi to stay away from Divakar and his family and asks her to not share anything with them. Please login to continue. Just then Anu calls her mother and informs them that she will not be coming.

Later, Samrat is in his office having a meeting with his staff, he suddenly notices the police in his office searching for him. Urmi gets irritated and hurriedly keeps them with her. Rudra and diwaker enragedly ask samrat to speak the truth. Will Samrat catch her dancing? Meanwhile, Asha tries to impress Gaurav and tries to do some work for him but only ends up ruining everything including his office bag.

Urmi later goes to the hotel eppisode meet her friend and there she see Samrat. Watch the entire episode here? Urmi meanwhile is busy with her dance classes and does not see her phone. She encourages him to look for a new job. Samrat searches Urmi’s bag and the whole family sees the card and the roses in Urmi’s bag.


Finally urmi walks out armmaano shaurya, while samrat watches them tensed, and all others are highly disturbed. She apologises, saying that she has made up her mind. Urmi gets worried and wants ‘tauji’ to stop Samrat’s parents from leaving. First In Telenovelas Updates. When Samrat returns home, Urmi comes running towards him and informs him that she had seen Manish.

He warns gaurav that he would have to bear the consequences, srmaano everyone is terrified at the mere mention of his nbame, and he would see to it, that gaurav regrets this day when he raised his hand on samrat.

Tauji speaks to Urmi and tells her that Samrat has not yet learned his lesson. Samrat’s mother seems to be struggling as she gets a taste of her own medicine. Rudra apologizes to Urmi for doubting her character and decides to help Urmi in gaining back her respect in the house.

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Samrat’s family learns about Samrat being imprisoned. Urmi and rest of the family try to stop Samrat’s father Rudra from leaving the house, but Rudra is admanat epizode wants to leave the house with his wife. She later, says that she will never respect him and will only remain her husband on paper. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Next day, Shashi gets shocked when she sees numerous bouquets being brought into the house by various men. Samrat’s deal gets cancelled as the documents do not arrive on time.