Has Urmi’s mother-in-law really changed for good or is she playing a game yet again? Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 18, Samrat searches Urmi’s bag and the whole family sees the card and the roses in Urmi’s bag. Tauji convinces Urmi to force Samrat and his mother to come for the marriage celebrations. Meanwhile, Samrat meets with an accident while going to the hotel where he usually engages in his cheap activities. Going forward, Urmi moves out of her marriage due to Samrat’s infidelity. Samrat orders Urmi to stay away from Divakar and his family and asks her to not share anything with them. Samrat speaks about Shaurya’s swimming classes at the dining table and Urmi gets tensed when he mentions that he will be coming for the classes.

Later, Urmi gets shocked when Manish comes to her house to meet her. Samrat gets furious hearing this. The entire family gets surprised when Manish reveals his love for Urmi in front of them. Click here to login. Manish seems to be aware of all the situations of the house and Samrat’s family assume that Urmi is responsible for giving the information about the family to Manish. Urmi and Samrat have a child named Shaurya.

Tauji sees Shashi speaking to herself and Mandira makes fun of her. What will Samrat do to make truth come out of Urmi? Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 24, Will Samrat see the rose and the letter?

Doli Armaanon Ki

Urmi arrives back from her home. Divakar gives the good news about his new job to the entire family.


That night, Urmi is waiting for Samrat to arrive but he does not arrive, Samrat kki arrives late at night. Samrat and Urmi kiss each other on the cheeks. Urmi begins to dance. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – May voli, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 26, Samrat searches Urmi’s bag and the whole family sees the card and the roses in Urmi’s bag.

Before leaving the police station, the police asks Urmi to slap Samrat.

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Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. Manish reveals about the dance class in front of everybody. Samrat gets furious when he sees the resignation letter by Divakar but finally agrees with Divakar’s decision to look for a new job.

Anu tries to convince Epislde to spend time doing something else as he does not have his swimming glasses now.

Later after the class, when she sees the phone, she gets scared seeing the numerous number of missed calls. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 01, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 02, Urmi gets irritated and hurriedly keeps them with her.

Urmi’s desire to amraano further increases when Samrat’s mother encourages her to fulfil her personal desires and not let a man control her life. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 19, He sees Anu with Shaurya in the swimming classes.

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Samrat tries to divert Divakar’s attention from this case and asks him to concentrate on other things. Samrat’s mother openly says that no one from the house will go for the marriage. Next day, Divakar shocks his family by getting a separate gas cylinder and other things for his family. Later, Asha and her mother arrive at Gaurav’s place and clarify that they have not lied or hid the matter about Asha being illiterate and also reveal that Gaurav’s grandmother was given all the information.


Urmi tries to tell him the positive points of dancing but Samrat only gets more angry. araano

Doli Armaano Ki Episode 94–95 Update on Friday 22nd September 2017

But ‘tauji’ asks her to sit and watch the drama. Watch the entire episode and don’t miss an important twist in the episode. Samrat’s mother seems to be struggling as she gets a taste of her own medicine.

Samrat asks Divakar to leave the house, but Divakar disagrees and claims that the house is his as well. Ishaan falls in love with Urmi, and they get married.

Urmi’s sister Anu meanwhile is against marriage at the present and wants to start doing a job.