Today’s episode begins with a glimpse of Samrat’s dirty and cheap activities that he does in the 4star hotel room. Divakar realizes that a four star hotel room is being booked for certain guests and does not understand why the rooms are being booked. She then sees Samrat entering the room and Samrat starts beating up Urmi. Watch the full episode here. Next day, the whole family is shocked to find an article about Samrat’s domestic violence case on the newspaper. Click here to login. When he meets the police he realizes that the police is here to arrest him. She gives the news of the marriage to Samrat’s parents.

Shaurya enters the room and sees his parents fighting. Anu’s parents and grandmother get worried. Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. Anu’s parents meet Karan’s parents to talk about the marriage proposal and are pleased to meet Karan. Urmi’s parents come to Samrat’s house and request Urmi to take back her complaint, Shashi goes to the extent of touching her feet and requests her to free Samrat from the prison. Urmi manages to hide the truth about the salwar suit that Samrat had found in her cupboard. Urmi too learns about the matter and gets shocked hearing about it.

Doli Armaanon Ki

Later Manish tells about the roses and a card that he had given to Urmi. Next day, Shashi gets qrmaanon when she sees numerous bouquets being brought into the house by various men. Shashi tells Shaurya that his father Samrat has been sent to the jail by his own mother. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 03, Going forward, Urmi moves out of her marriage due to Samrat’s infidelity.

Shaurya is adamant on swimming and gets angry with Anu but later agrees with Anu.

Urmi gets worried and wants ‘tauji’ to stop Samrat’s parents from leaving. The whole family criticize Samrat and Urmi shouts at him for doing it. Samrat searches Urmi’s bag and the whole family sees the card and the roses in Urmi’s bag.


Urmi arrives back from her home. That night, Urmi is waiting epsodes Samrat to arrive but he does not arrive, Samrat finally arrives late at night. Later, Asha and her mother arrive at Gaurav’s place and clarify that they have not lied or hid the matter about Asha being illiterate and also reveal that Gaurav’s grandmother was given all the information. Doli Armaanon Ki Season 1. Samrat’s mother calls Samrat and tells him not to go to the swimming classes as Urmi is in her dance class as if now.

He shouts at his father for not coming to the police station to release him. Samrat and Urmi kiss each other on the cheeks. Later, ‘tauji’ advices Urmi to take revenge for the injustice done on her.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 30, Overview Doli Armaanon Ki is a story of Urmi, a young girl, who gets married to Samrat, an abusive man, thus making her life a living hell. Watch the entire episode here? Mandira too reveals Samrat’s mother’s lies in front of all. Will Samrat’s parents leave the house? Tauji speaks to Urmi and tells her that Samrat has not yet learned his lesson. Later after the class, when she sees the phone, she gets scared seeing the numerous number of missed calls.

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Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 27, Anu’s parents meet Karan’s parents to talk about the marriage proposal and are pleased to meet Karan. Manish seems to be aware of all the situations of the house and Samrat’s family assume that Urmi is responsible for giving the information about the family to Manish.

Urmi begins to dance. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 10, Later, Tauji sees Urmi playing with Mandira and Shaurya and is happy to see her laughing. Urmi and rest of the family try to stop Samrat’s father Rudra from leaving the house, but Rudra is admanat and wants to leave the house with his wife. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 05, Samrat gets furious hearing this.


Urmi tries to tell him the positive points of dancing but Samrat only gets more angry. Shaurya asks his father to come for his swimming classes.

Meanwhile, Asha tries to impress Gaurav and tries to do some work for him but only ends up ruining everything including his office bag. The family explains to her that Samrat is not here and everybody understands that Samrat is responsible for this condition of Urmi.

What will Samrat do to make truth come out of Urmi? The whole family gets shocked when they find out that Manish was a set up by Samrat himself.

Watch Doli Armaanon Ki latest TV Serial : full episode

Urmi’s parents try to compel her des take back her complaint, but Urmi rejects. Later Samrat meets Manish outside the house. Samrat tries to divert Divakar’s attention from this case and asks him to concentrate on other things.

Anu meanwhile is against getting married as she feels that nobody around her is happy after their marriage. Next day, Samrat gets furious when he sees Urmi ignoring him completely. When Samrat returns home, Urmi comes running towards him and informs him that she had seen Manish. Samrat stops them from going to the police station and decides to handle the situation himself. She starts afresh as an independent woman, while Samrat ends up in jail.

Later, Gaurav’s marriage gets fixed and Urmi dolu her parents from inviting Samrat and her deei.