And then a boss fight. Smash it to find another room with another switch. You could hold select to see which one has the dragon balls and kill him or you can not bother and just kill them all. Kill it or avoid it and head directly south for another pot. Lets finish this chapter first. If you are considering stealing or altering this guide in any way, keep this in mind:

At the split, head to the northernmost path for a chest. I saved the Kamehamehas so I was ready to go when I there. This area has four exits and if you ever played a Zelda game, you know what that means Dragon Ball Z picks up five years after the end of Dragon Ball, with the arrival of Goku’s brother, Radditz, who turns out to be an evil alien and a member of the almost-extinct Saiyan race. Staying out of their field of vision and hitting with the pole, a lot like most of the other enemies we’ve faced, is the best way to get by. In there, break the wall and smash the crate inside for a figurine. Watch the scene that follows. When he raises his left arm dash around him to the missles he will shoot at you.

Hop over the little gap and push the next rock into the lava.

If you tap Goku with the stylus and hold it to the screen, he’ll start to glow. In this room, kill the guy and head down and to the left into the next area. The UFO will run away after too much damage, so you must chase it. Check for an area where it isn’t too far to hop to the island in the middle and collect this level’s only treasure chest.

After you cross the suspension bridge in here, use the stairs across the way to climb onto a little plateau. You’ll have to be careful, though; Oolong can use a few attacks while you try to dispel his shield, and none of them are very nice.


This next area is really easy. Here you’ll have a change to test out your new move. From there, swipe the direction you want to attack.

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 FAQ for DS by jellybob8 – GameFAQs

You know, Rupert Murdock and the people behind Fox Entertainment? You didn’t expect to walk the rest of the way, did you? If you really want to, you can use the Tornado Punch. Mercenary Tao believes wxlkthrough is truly dead and takes the Dragon Balls and leaves.

Peisode obvious choice here is to go northwest, but go to the southeast first to find a little path. Kill both of them again and head to the arrow into the next area. Take the north path, past Bulma and the big stone to break a rock with a Normal Figure.

When you head into the next hallway, a rock will drop down and try to crush you. Jump across and go up until you see a block you can push into the river to make a bridge.

Dragon Ball: Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Pole smash the second rock and baktrack to wqlkthrough the new jet of water is coming out. Move left not on the moving platforms and at the end of the path, smash the big square with your Power Pole.

You will then be transported back to the village and after some dialogue the first part of this episode will end. Go right into the next area.

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 – FAQ

On the other side is an entrance to a cave and the end of part two of this episode. Monkey Brigade This is a battle against 12 monkeys, 3 at a time, for the power pole. Hop left twice across the gaps and then left again.

Move on to another electrified zone to the right. This time go straight at the intersection and follow the corridor into a room. Head back and use the other path to find a save point that you’ll probably want to use before what’s up next. Use bulma’s super when you can, and remember to dodge the missles! What other video game site shows you this kind of love?


Next, you’ll come to a pressure pad. You’ll want to look for a cactus with three rocks around the base. At the gap, use your pole to get across and head north at the end of the hall, into a room with a button on the wall. In this area, head up until you see a bridge. Continue to follow her around the path until you get to a staircase leading down. Start — Brings up your map Select — Brings up the Dragon Radar if bqll are new, don’t fret; I’ll explain all of this in the walkthrough Over the course of the game, you’ll gain new attacks and abilities.

Follow the path, but don’t go all the way to walkthrougg end. After the adventure at Muscle Tower, he decided to move in with the mayor at Jingle Village to help out there.

Will they make it to the end before General Blue? The next room will have a closed gate and a large crate. After the fight Bulma will join you and the girls will be “rescued”. FAQ by jellybob8 Version: Explore the area, destroy the boulders and fight some pink pinks and one blue pig.

Back downthe other way, not too far, rdagon will come to another interection. This might sound tough now, but after about levels, you’ll be a seasoned pro at protecting her.