The boys convince themselves that the shirt wasn’t really lucky while a hobo winning the lottery while wearing the shirt plays over the credits. Then, the boys return home just as their parents come home. So you just keep worrying about yourself. I made a conscious effort to lose weight because I knew I could be happier as well as being healthier. While trying to impress her, he accidentally says that he can play the guitar but really he can’t. Hayfer Julia Duffy , his English teacher who hates him, is Kelly’s mother, she threatens Drake with summer school, should he break her heart. Views Read View source View history.

However, Josh is too worried to tell Drake about his newfound relationship, due to Drake and Mindy’s hatred for one another. The producers and several cast members namely Schneider and Cosgrove have gone on to make the show iCarly which is very much in the same vein of comedy. Josh tries to stop him, but both of them end up going. Drake fears breaking up with Tori Torrey DeVitto , his most recent girlfriend. You hired a guy called ”Crazy Steve”? Many episodes are about Drake getting Josh to do something a little outrageous and not be so stiff, and it usually involves a plan to make money or get a girl.

The fight then pushes the two apart as they become hostile and Drzke moves out of their room with Josh in. Josh’s foreign pen pal Yooka Anastasia Baranovacomes to visit from her fictional country of Yudonia, and Drake takes a strong liking to her, spending more time with her than Josh can. However, he takes his new job very seriously and overuses his teaching skills, as he challenges the students with college-level chemistry, something that the students are not old enough to learn about, and even fails them on pop quizzes based on homework that they were unable to do.

Retrieved May 29, I told you that this was my last chance to impress Mindy’s parents!

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Helen Frances Callier assigns Josh to be Ashley Blake’s personal assistant, much to Josh’s dismay due to the frequent and ridiculous requests Ashley makes. However, their invitations are revoked after Thornton catches Drake kissing joshh girl named Maria, but Drake didn’t know that she was Thornton’s girlfriend. At the funeral, he comes back to life explaining that the no pulse was his trick and then make Drake and Josh’s pants see-through.


A wild and crazy night: Ad from the original on June 3, InPeck had a cameo role on the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious as an audience member for a play Jade wrote. It isn’t until Drake breaks down in chemistry class following a chemical incident involving a new lab partner that the brothers realize how important their relationship with each other really is. Drake is even less excited when he finds out that Josh is Miss Nancy, the anonymous advice columnist for the school newspaper, and that he must dress like a woman to write his advice.


Both cave at the same moment, and they fight over who caved first until Megan reveals that it does not matter who caved first, and that they both lose.

However, the plan eventually backfires when the officer who is driving them to the police station is interrupted by a criminal named Blaze, who hijacks the police car.

Drake has an addiction to junk food and Josh is addicted to video games. When Drake and Josh earn money to buy a car, they aren’t able to agree on one they both like.

Grammy, outraged, reveals that she let Drake win so he could go with his friends. When the family finds out, he is forced to and is told that he needs surgery on his foot.

Many episodes are about Drake getting Josh to do something a little outrageous and not be so stiff, and it usually involves a plan to make money or get a girl. Josh enters a salsa making contest and asks Drake to help him in order to win the prize, a plasma screen TV. They sneak into the school at night and replace his liquid to use in chemistry with one that will explode when combined with anything, replace a tape about chemistry with a video of clowns hurting each other with rubber chickens, and unscrew the sink to burst water when turned.

When Henry tells Josh nobody wants him around anymore, Drake and Josh decide to get him recognized again by making him do a show at the Premiere. To keep from being sent to Remedial English a class with a lack of discipline with its poorly behaved students with a dog and goth girls trying to kiss himDrake agrees to look after a boy named Sammy.

But Drake and Josh are not allowed to go, because Audrey and Walter want them to stay home and watch over their great-grandfather, Papa Nichols, who is 81 years old and has had surgery that afternoon while Walter and Audrey are at the award show.


Battle of Panthatar

When they come home they realize all the furniture is back where it belongs because the police discovered the robbers’ moving van had broken down about a half mile up the street. The boys convince themselves that the shirt wasn’t really lucky while a hobo winning the lottery while wearing the shirt plays over the credits. Retrieved August 24, At her next date, Bartle and Josh arrive and expose Corey by bringing Monica.

Add the first question. He then tells Drake and they decide to tell Megan. Drake and Josh convince Blaze to take them to their house, which the boys claim is somebody else’s house that they plan to rob. Archived from the original on December 13, tru Warier Records.

When he wants to win her love back again, Drake finds out Tori is already seeing other boys, so he goes on a date with another girl, Liza Tupper, to try and make Tori jealous. It doesn’t really matter what you look like though. Voice role uncredited ; Episode: Drake and Josh must assist Helen after eye surgery leaves her temporarily blind.

Drake wants to break up with his girlfriend Lucy Gabrielle Christianafter finding out that she is possibly stronger than he is, but Drake challenges her to a fight to prove that he is tougher than she is.

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if Eventually, around closing time at the Premiere, the real theater thug comes in and attempts to attack Drake and Josh. Meanwhile, Josh grows a mustache, but nobody approves of it, including Mindy.

After Megan rides the Demonator first, Drake and Josh finally get to ride the Demonator and get home just in the nick of time before Audrey and Walter come home to see how Drake and Josh did watching Papa Nichols.

When they are discovered they are able to escape with Drake secretly getting the album back, at the end Drake and Josh have lightsaber swords that glows and what they got from Thornton’s birthday party then have a big sword fight in their bedroom by jumping around.