Haissam and Faiza deserve a round of applause for their very delicate handling of THE moment. Everyone channeled out their feelings through melodies. Zara learns that she is pregnant. So it took eleven episodes for them to finally do the deed! Zara sees them together and asks Nighat about it. He creates misunderstandings between Zara and his family so that he and Zara can spend more time.

Full marks for smart writing and clever solution of marriage conundrum. Just like Zara is with her dad and Phupho. Pir manzar, ap apnay mashwaray khud apni zindagi ar apply kyun nai kara rai?? Reluctantly, almost despite themselves, these two opposites are slowly building a base for a future relationship. Aunn’s aunt Nighat finds photo of Aunn with Zara in his room. Close up of spinning wheels was nicely done….. Osman was outstanding as the flabbergasted child when scolded by daadi. Jamshed wants her to join the air force, while she wants to have a family life never having had a complete family of her own.

Aunn’s family gets excited, but they fear that Zara might want to keep them away from the baby. As cute as Aunn might be, it was getting a bit repetative with the fighting and sleeping on the couch or one thing or another going wrong.

Not sure how much he really got to know his wife in that time span bc she spent most of the time escaping from him and hanging out w the ladies! Osman was outstanding as the flabbergasted child when scolded by daadi. Powered by WordPress Back to Top.

Aunn Zara Episode 4 – A-Plus Drama Series – video dailymotion

Although Art and English literature are her favorite past times, she is graduate in Biochemistry. So it took eleven episodes for them to finally do the deed!


They decide to teach Aunn a lesson.

This episode belonged to Daadi n Husna! However, they get into an accident where Zara is hurt.

Subscribe to receive new post. But omg the khichri these women are making of a simple situation! Needless to say even in those few minutes, Pir Manzar was a riot.

Aunn Zara ~ Episode 11 Review

Look forward to more…. It was sung by Athar and Ragini.

Manzar proposes to Shehna but she rejects the proposal on the pretext that Manzar’s family could do the same thing to her as Aunn’s family did to Zara. They all seem so natural together. He asks Aunn to convince Shehna to marry him. Other background music are also composed by MAD music. A few were amazing but the others were innocently hideous.

Aunn Zara Episode 4 – A-Plus Drama Series

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Zahra Mirza August 23, AZ is back on track. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. Probably has to do with his theater background?

As a result, he is zaea pampered by everyone in his family. So that was another exciting episode with so much happenings.

I wonder how do they come up with everything so nicely all the time. A must see for everyone on the other side I say. Hina Bayat is episoee as Husna. Nighat forgets her shopping bags on his car which Jamshed returns. How fabulous is Nasreen Qureshi! Retrieved from ” https: Loved how Husna has gotten more candid with.


Husna agrees on the condition that Zara drive the car. Running a close second to Husna, is my other favorite, Parveen Bano. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Do you think Nighat bought her this?

Maya Ali Osman Khalid Butt. With her beautifully knit script, where every scene is there for a reason, Faiza has outdone herself here. Jamshed apologizes to Nighat for his behaviour, who asks that he take her shopping. Ohkay, that was ONE sweet episode that I was waiting for since ages. There lies the crux of the matter why does one partner have to control the other?

Am currently catching up on DeS and love the cinematic feel of it…. Aunn Zara — Last Episode! Her portrayal of daadi reminds me so much of my own equally crusty grandmother, never afraid to call a spade a spade and no hesitation whatsoever in defending the perceived underdog. Their scenes have always something different in them. Hahaha waqai pir manzar should apply those golden ideas on himself too.