Her rage is everywhere yet she stands quietly. She seems to be a variant of her mother, who is a beautiful but rich, snobby socialite who wears lots of makeup and designer clothes and is always yelling at her servants. Sana Maskatiya must be totally upset And now the other tezaab sequence made sense to me. Finally we see the other girl, Tabinda! She hates sculptures but is okay with dogs. Thanks to Javeria for posting this on FB otherwise I would never known! What is all this garbage about Tabinda hypnotizing him, just not on. The woman usually tends to put the blame on herself at such a time.

Falak shakes him off and leaves. This page was last edited on 16 January , at You are commenting using your WordPress. But her ideology is confusing. The innate sense of a building up to a climax was ruined, for me at least, by a weird juxtapositioning of long shots and close ups. The clues to this are as follows: Salman wants a patch up with Falak but Falak says she feels nothing. Logically or rationally speaking, she would not be attracted to a man who treats her terribly.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The writer uses a mystical episide, who Falak and Salman encounter at the beach. There is a continued exposition of Falak as a spoilt, irrational brat.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And yes Mikaal has shown tremendous growth as an actor, as everybody else has commented as well.

Shehr e Zaat – review and recap.

The moment she lays eyes on Tabinda Nadia Afganhowever, she quietly walks off. She seems to be a variant of her mother, darma is a beautiful but rich, snobby socialite who wears lots of makeup and designer clothes and is always yelling at her servants. A few days ago they had a fight because she aborted their pregnancy and then she left him with all the major valuables of the house.

But then how do you audition for that? She chances upon meeting this man again at a party and is entranced by the idea of talking to him and knowing more about him. I use to be such an avid follower of her show and her whole crush on Tom Cruise bit! You were wonderful and outstanding!!


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Why does Nani dismiss it as something trivial? Falak throws away the statue she once made of him. Glad to have you on board! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But he does not seem to come out of his attitude change. The messages, even though horribly dogmatic at times, speak of a certain spiritual journey and the crucial social issues prevalent in our society. The text of the original story is not, of course, painted in sheht much detail as the play which is created for around 19 episodes.

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Coming to the episode. She attempts to reach out to him but her mother stops her and takes her back home. To be honest, I never liked Salman Ansar, he is just too shallow. Now you can post as much or as little as you want!

Yeah the tabinda and Falak scene was brilliantly shot, loved the expressions!!! The scene between Tabinda, Falak and Salman are bizarre.

Fortunately for Umera, Mahira possessed a certain finesse and charm that stopped that scene from becoming a complete cringe-fest.

The first few days after the wedding are shown as typically blissful. I find this whole trend of stereotyping actors very disturbing — along side Nadia, Nimra Bucha, another fantastic actress, is repeatedly type cast as the mazloom bechari or the bitter woman, less than good looking girl, who keeps waiting for rishtas, andd is either poor or very middle class. Not too great for logic because: Episodes 5 through 10 Recap: Charity also has little to do with religion or fear of God.

That was done brilliantly! This is why stories like Shehr e Zaat may have a dangerously religious message but still manage to resonate some kind of relatability with audiences in general.


Be careful what you wish for, God is watching. Now you owe us zzaat ep 10 and 11! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is a spiritual play. It is clear that this relationship is one-sided. I love what Sarmad does with mirrors, and when I saw the big mirror in the bathroom I knew we were in for a fabulous moment.

She well and truly believes that her love would be enough for their marriage and would survive any obstacles in the future. A zat weeks later, we see that Salman calls Falak and wants to patch up. She is smiling less and her eyes are saying more.

The movie may have some flaws but Deepika is excellent in it! You and I did tend to agree on most dramas. Mahira drsma a natural grace under fire probably why the acid-throwing angle seemed more implausible than ever and a commanding presence that is a sight to watch as it shakes and is thrown out of its loop.

In the scene where Mahira looks at herself in the mirror, wondering about what lacked in her that her husband fell in love with another woman — is nothing short of a masterpiece. Finally your reviews are back…: Nadia Afghan just had one scene but wow she continues to charm as Tabinda.

Need I say more? It is, after all, the man she created. At one point where you will see the heroine making perfect sense and construing absolutely spot-on arguments — in the following scene, you can well expect her to be episde a dangerously fundamentalist message and diving headfirst into a religious monologue that probably has little to do with logic and the story. When she is distressed, they fly and whirl around her like a storm.