It’s not the Box of nails but it’s still torture. Mok Dan runs into the forest to her message tree, and prays. IDK why she gets so much hate. I’m gonna get real here. The roar of their cheer echoes through the streets, and they march ahead, led in front by the death squad. He really has been practicing. The US War of Independence was certainly no peaceful affair, and the British would have classified the guerilla warfare of the Revolutionaries as “terrorism”. GF, you must get the best episodes.

Gaksital, you trampled on my heart and left me bleeding on the floor today! But Mok Dan peers out, having heard her make the call. He leads her out by the hand, only to walk right into Shunji. Kinpei raises his sword for the strike… and Katsuyama attacks. Although we are to believe that Rie is the pro in martial arts compared to circus-trained Mok Dan, I must say the cuts with HCA doing the running and kicking were not so convincing except when a stunt person was used in place of her compared JSY. Thank you for your fast recap!

I’m more interested in the hero plot rather than the romantic plot, i’m always forwading the scenes where Mok Dan is longing rramabeans her young master, can’t she stick to the freedom cause?

Nobody does anything out of good gesture. He deserves recognition way more than any main cast in Gaksital. But more likely it’s comrade because he had the stolen dynamite. Their forbidden love is sweet and that hand holding scene was sweet too. He braces himself and gaksittal them out… Oh man, he did.

At least in Kishokai, which is where it counts. Sorry I’m not very good at explaining. I agree with your comment about the show episodd sensitive topics. In case any one is interested: So sweet and tender in that last scene.


If that was Kang To, what are the writers going to write about for the next 10 episodes? Good to hear from you! Airyn August 16, at I think they earned the right to call Korea their land and to fight when someone try to steal it. Another chance for Kang To gone!

Gaksital: Episode 16 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

You said there were too many people living in agony, that you had so many things to do. After I wrote my rant I scrolled down to the sea of text below and found that people have aptly dubbed Horsital kekekeke I went googling and apparently horses gaksihal an excellent sound of hearing I’d take all of its 5 glaring faults if I still get the 95 awesome things it is.

I was hoping a little that Shunji would bring him in just to break their usual cat and mouse routine.

Happy reading and happy commenting, fellow commenters! The officers are stunned speechless, Kang-to most of all.

Kang-to feigns frustration, but looks down warily. I think it’s really more amazing that she can forgive him so fast simply because he is her young master and now is Gaksital. It added another layer of satirical wit to that awesome scene.

Shunji is becoming a lex luthor now. DarknessEyes September dramaheans, at I had no intentions except to look at the issue of righteous rebellion in an unbiased, philosophical point of view as I always welcome such foods of thought.

Every frame really looked like a cell out of a comic. I don’t think they will try to sell it.

But I just hope it wasn’t really him. I can’t even comment properly. I also think that it allows PKW to showcase his acting range and he rises to the challenges that are before him. Watching with Tasha is Tamao, who grows more interesting by the day.


But freaking out means the drama is doing its job I hope they will all get a much deserved rest. Episodes by LollyPip. I can know what a man is thinking by the look in his eye. I was crying, laughing and simply,incredibly grateful for having had the pleasure of watching such an amazing, well written, directed, acted, etc, etc, story. No matter how poor he used to be, he had a friend. Gaksital m sooooooo happy i started watching with only four episodes left cuz i dont know if my heart could have taken all u gave me in the two-per-week format.

Thankfully they drop hands as Shunji stirs. OMG lol seriously what happens if Gaksital is in the middle of changing, and a police officer spots him? Oh well, I hope for the best of the two worlds: Still, the writers have surprised me at each turn.

Already starting from elementary school they teach children to hate Japan and the Japanese. We already know that she is very religious, so what else would she do?

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

At the same time, it’s a blessing because gakwital only once in a while, we get an amazing show like this. In the end, as most things in life, eipsode maybe science and that’s debatable too politics and the terms like terrorism, rights and nation will depend in which side and from what glass you are looking.

Thanks so much for making it through the recap girlfriday! They put up a fight and in the fray, they grab Sun-hwa too. He calls for his subordinate and orders Mok Dan cuffed.