Murayama arrives at the station and makes his introduction. Honestly, when a drama is this good, I forgive it for its momentary lapses in logic. Yeah yeah Shunji didnt cared about daddy dearest and shot which was missed and hopefully he will miss every time. It definitely delivers the essence of the drama. Jo balks-why should he? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. You probably shouldn’t bring your phone into class. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

My first time commenting. The face was really different, imo. I think this episode does an excelent job of putting all the puzzles in place for what I hope, will be an amazing ending. Rumors are flying among the Joseon people about the explosion at the anniversary gala, which threatens to set off more rebellions. I couldn’t pin it down but I think I am seeing it clearer now. Your daydream would make for an awesome scenario.

Augh I love her. Love him to pieces.

Good to hear from you! A mother’s love through potatoes.

Gaksital: Episode 19 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I mean, I read one comment saying Mok Dan need to eat all the words she said to Kang To in the episode. Think first, then attack. I did see that scene and yeah, technically, it was a “bed scene” since they were on a bed: And Tamao’s character is getting interesting.

Kang-to come tearing up the road epidode finds Sun-hwa still crying.

She picks it up…. Gaksital was not a perfect show, but still, it took my heart, play with it and left me without tears and I’m not a person who cries easily and kept me surprised and with my jaw on the floor most of the time, even with some plots going in circles I think even strong-willed Mok Dan will have a hard time beating him over with it any more.


Rie exits Asuka Hotel just as Dan comes gaksitla they both pass each other on the street in slow motion. MsB July 19, at 9: It really heightens the mood just like you said. To tell the half truth.

Kang-to and Baek Gun try to figure 155 some way to find Dong-jin. Kang-to turns the tables and interrogates Shunji in return: I can’t imagine that, in the minute in which Kangto dismounted and fell into Mok Dan’s lap plus the 2nd minute where her memories come flooding back, Mok Dan was able to flip the switch on her overwhelming loathing of Kangto.

It’s not lame at all, in fact it came gaksitl like he has meticulously plan this excuse all along. Saa August 2, at 8: How is Mok Dan’s poor brain going to handle the fact that the person she loathed the most is also the person she loves the most?

Her lip starts to quiver ever so slightly, and her eyes brim with tears. He heads to the circus and sends Kang-to to the pension. I wonder what will happen after she’d figured out? The break up of their relationship definitely was not sudden! Wow, show, just wow.

It starts with both being born as heroes as children, taking risks to save others, then shows how situations and family shaped them differently. I meant to say, “instead of a normal guy Goiso is lucky this time, but there’s no guarantee for the future. Besides, I think Shunji won’t resort to assault — he may go straight out for cold murder.

Boss Jo and the circus troupe race galsital her side. Gaksital gave me no complaints.


Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

The same goes with MLK and the civil rights movement, which was always met with violence, mental as well physical. It was really a way to mock these girls and women. It is called the Stanford Prison Experiment. Shunji is scaring the crap out of me, but at the same time, I feel bad for the poor guy who just wants to be loved and live simply. I still find myself agape that a show would stick to its guns and go as dark as it did with both of these characters, from beginning to end.

Any time you want to stop making my blood curdle is fine with me. I also thought MD easily accepted KT but maybe learning that he was the young master first eased her into the transition of finding out he ga,sital Gaksital. A flashback fills us in on the grand scheme as Chairman Ueno addresses his Kishokai followers, which includes a younger Chief Kimura. I can’t wait to see where this goes now that the secret identity isn’t a secret.

And it is a double. Kang to coming clean to Mok Dan is refreshingly fast. I really want him to connect the dots about how reprehensible he is, and especially toward her. I should have waited on the Dramabeans recap to read reactions first–way too much darmabeans about the ending elsewhere on the web.