Just as Kang To. Back in the shack, Kang To is finally getting some sleep. I am one that was in the camp of the characters were true to themselves to the end. I could not wait to get home to read your recap. I wish you well in your exams and certainly look forward to your recaps for my future dramas. It’s hilarious when the characters mind-talk with each other, so that’s why I laughed when Kang-to and Mok Dan did that. I really love the OST for this drama. I recognize the bottom half of that face

I disagree with you because I don’t think Lala is the kind of human that love without a second thought. I found it a bit hard to watch, as the actress playing the comrade was v good and it seemed so real…. But, as each of Episodes aired, the drama sank deeper and deeper into mediocrity and simply became boring. Rie snaps at that-love Korean women all he wants but that woman is with Gaksital-protecting that girl is equivalent to protecting Gaksital! I would assume that the realization was made when Gaksital saved him and they parted way. As Gaksital stands in the middle, surrounded by soldiers on every end, Shunji fires another shot to his chest. Not much of Mok Dan Kang To love affair but what better way than making it secret love affair! I may be guilty of tough love, but not blind love.

Notify me of new posts via email. Because Gaksital is the light that must shine for the Joseon people who live in darkness. It’s hilarious when the characters mind-talk with each other, so that’s why I laughed gasital Kang-to and Mok Dan did that.


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And yet again, the man carries a sword. Hmmm, I agreed with you until two episodes ago! Wait, this is news? Shunji bursts into his room next and dismisses Dong-nyun and Shin Gaksiital so he can talk to Boss Jo alone, which, given their history, makes me nervous.


Epic gamsital hang-ah sit ups. Well, I guess that is the best expression you could have when your ideals of democracy have spread through your people. Ok, I see what you mean. I only thought about it until you said it!

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 19 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

She responds that whether he means it or not, she likes his ambition and he kisses her cheek in response. Basically, I love any time he cries I’m not a sadist, I swear! The fact that it is Kang To-the person she kind of likes herself, makes it all the more heartening for her.

He came and directly pointed faksital gun to her in front of his father. Watching with Tasha is Tamao, who grows more interesting by the day.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. Detective Lee arrested the board of directors for trespassing, kidnapping, unlawful confinement and attempted murder by poisoning. Whoa, not even sure where I’m going with this.


Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 18 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

I am glad you are firmly in the living camp. Could we bother you to re-upload it?

And what an amazing ending to the episode!! People start cheering again, the bloodbath forgotten.

Like the part where she scowled at him and told him off after seeing how Shunji was browbeating Sun Hwa. It was sweet how she came to check on him. Kang-to hands her the dagger he retrieved for her.

The kiss scene is still unnecessary. Hi ck10z, you heard right. Then many people, one by one including the lady from the circus, also in white hanbok stepped forward, making chaos. I want more of Kangto!!! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

What is the reason you want to die for him? Why should I know where that bastard is?

Shunji demands to know why she would risk her life for him: I hope that answered your question, Ivoire.