She was only 31 at the beginning of the movie and she was considered OLD. A US navy captain was also stranded there and to retrieve him the US force have planned to release a bomb to Dongmakgol. I had watch this mvie for 6 times, i cry for all 6 time…. Loved most of the movies here. Although she didn’t have the courage to introduce herself, she was happy to see him every day. But her search for the perfect lover gave her a dose of her own medicine and she will realize that love is something you do not plan but you let it happen.

True to its title, it is an epic love movie that you can tell your grandchildren and be giddyish and at the same time nostalgic about it. Still, there are a few that end well. Watched it with my mom, and she loved it. Or drinking what looks like hard liquor out of beer bottles that is poured into shot glasses. I swear you would want to trade places with the girl on this movie. Kyu-sik is a seminary student, who one day falls during a church service, dropping a precious, pope-blessed relic.

I am new here and yes, Watching romantic comedy movies koreaj also new to me. A woman has to deal with the hardship of taking care of his husband who was in vegetative state.

The chronicling of the bizaare love for Woo Jin and Yi Soo will be encouraging to those who have doubts in their current relationships. Although romance was slightly hinted because of the crime catching premise, it was a cheery and balanced flick of action and romance.

I am a man. Bet was a plainly laid suspense movie. I started watching Shark at 11pm, its now 2. I would have wished for a happy ending but given the serious tone set, I accepted and got my closure even if it was painful. An art teacher moved to another city to accept a post in a school for special children.


iLovekorea: kmovie [for newbies]

Im Jung-hwan was a taxi company heir whose expertise is to splurge money on branded items. Move pls be kind to bear with me as i write here. Hi Amy, appreciate the warm response… please check the video link here on my blog… I think mysoju has Finding Mr. Once again, thanks for making this list!

Hi aim really thankful to you for posting this page. I swear you would want to trade places with the girl on this movie. It has a spontaneous plot but unpredictable characters and that has made me so engaged in watching it. Yi Gwak has to stand in between the woman he loved and lost and his fellow soldiers who all died on earth after pursuing a rebellion. Watching it kprean me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.

I also like hyun bin, my favorites of him aside from secret garden would be my lovely samsoon and worlds within. Yes No Report this. It felt like putting a magnet and placing something metallic around it but no attraction will eventually happen. A Korean boy fell for adddy Japanese girl regardless of their language barrier. It was so poignant and sad that it halted my korean movie binge watch plan. The krean love couples were not plain but something you have seen if you have been watching kdramaland for a long time.

I might have that. It was cute and reckoning. I probably will now. After two years, he was reunited with fellow corps Captain Rhee Hae-rang who was ordered to become a Korean rock star as well as Rhee Hae-jin who hero-worshipped Ryu-hwan and was disguised as a high school student.

Oh Song Kyung worked at a bank and has lived her life planned into the smallest details, but what she did not prepare for was a malady faddy came instantly in her life. Dandy, cheerful, dsddy, this film will let you remember that feeling you have on the first person you ever had a crush on.


This is an amazingly done supernatural family movie that you will enjoy watching with your family. The simple and quick to predict storyline was overshadowed by the relationship of Hearty, the dog and his master. Excuse me city hunter, I think I equally like you and ajusshi. Young-mi then discovers that Jun-ho is the love interest mentioned in the email. They soon learned that their spouses were having an illicit affair but they still decided to take care of them.

The old radio has some mojo though and from there she caddy Ji In who was a man from the future. Koraen was a deeply immersing story of a man struggling to start a new life after being imprisoned for a while. I love movies, and yes I also watch american series.

best korean romantic films

LOL Really, so many of these movies need cry-o-meters! Min-hyuk stayed her loving boyfriend until she rested in peace. It was candid and captivating.

Thank you for this wonderful list. I really enjoyed it. But adults to adults are pretty much equal.

Please keep posting new movies. Hyung-joon Bo-ra Geum Ji-won Ha Nevertheless, I will still recommend for you to watch this movie. Well it was not really a romance movie even with the kiss scene at the end, it leegs character driven and much as I want to relate with her, there were some critical scenes I found lacking.