You can only make 3 text boxes in a mission. Press this and you will start the current loaded storyline Clear Storyline: I just wanted to say that I’ll update this tutorial soon. After pressing it, choose the desired mission, and DYOM will load it. Tools The “tools” are functions that are made to help the designer. You can change the current time to a new desired one with this objective. You can access to the design menu when you’re designing, but not access to the in-game menu.

Well, both ways are good, but I still have some info to add, and I don’t want to be asking you to edit the other topic everytime I want to add new content. The player has to shoot the object Add Special Player Objectives: First, you select the type of objective red circles, coronas, invisible checlpoints, race checkpoints then move it to the desired place with W-A-S-D keys. At the end, no matter the type you choosed, type the text you want to show during the cutscene. Tools The “tools” are functions that are made to help the designer. This will save the current mission to the DSL folder as the intro mission.

Once you storylins set the position of the object, a submenu will spawn. When you do this, another sub-menu will show up. Once again, thanks to Dutchy and Patrick, the v8 is awesome. In order to create a “. Use this to save the progress of the current storyline To be able to design missions correctly using the Storyline function, you’ll probably need some practice.

Just making sure you do!

DYOM – “How Save your Progress in a Storyline”

You can select the skin, the animation and the weapon. Tools The “tools” are functions that are made to help the designer. Press “B” when selecting vehicles to only browse Boats 5. Press “S” when selecting vehivles to only browse special vehicles Bikes, trailers, etc.

Ask Dutchy or Patrick to reset it. Yeah, the other one is a bit old, lol. Since the V7 was released, some new stuff and functions has been added to storylines; and now you can use these while you’re playing I tried a lot of things.

Choose this to teleport the player to the desired place in the map. Also, you can set if the players needs to pickup all the similar pickups available in the current objective. I downgraded the exe to 1. It shows stpryline the functions, i think it’s better than Chimpso’s tutorial.


Storyline Creater

Posted February 3, And when I started new game two options do not come on the game. The player needs to photograph the object to complete this objective. You can also do something like, create the files ” Since DYOM v7, it’s possible to add custom sound to the missions. It’s similar the Countdown objective, but the player can move during the timeout and select if the player can see the timer or not.

This objective will result in something simple: Now you will have to make the other missions i recommend to go one on one; so you make one mission and then add the trigger of it.

Use “Y” and “N” to select the desired weather Minimum Wanted Level Choose this to set the minimun wanted level of the mission. Maybe an only-cutscene mission, but is your choice The name of the files are selected when you press “Save mission to Titorial, and it’s used to asign the triggers to the missions, so you might want choose a name easy to remember.

You can set how long the countdown will be. Tuutorial January 18, Button Function Add Pickup This will add a pickup. First, you select the type of objective red circles, coronas, invisible checlpoints, race checkpoints then move it to the desired place with W-A-S-D keys. With “No Cars”, The cars will not spawn in the street, but the peds will.

When you select this, you need to enter the name of tutprial file named as the mission you want to start with the trigger you’re creating NOT the mission name, the name on the file you choosed with the option “Save Mission to DSL”tuttorial many missions do you need to pass in order to spawn the tutoral, the position of the circle, and the icon you want. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. This will be used to start a mission. Note that the player cannot exit normally of this mode, so you have to create a “Teleport” Objective to put the player outside the vehicle Add Special Enviroment Objective This type of objective affects what happens around the player.


Should I put an ending objective or something? The last one let’s you choose if the player has to kill all the enemies in the current objective, or just the actor you’ve just created as an objective Add Car: Now let’s see how to use the DYOM features to design missions: With Cleo 3 and 4.

I might pin it, but to keep things simple I may need to unpin Chimpso’s, since the information is almost the same. This allows you to edit the nearest missiontrigger Remove missiontrigger: So just make the missions nice and good with twists and turns, maintaining the quality but not taking too much of time.

The actor will spawn after the selected objective Spawn Actor This will make the closest actor to spawn after the selected objective Hide Actor This will make the closest actor to hide after the selected objective. Every mission you make will have an audio code. You can only have in the folder one storyline at the same time.

As always, if you want to make a contribution, find grammar mistakes, or you think I forgot something, PM me or post here. A’ight, I’ll try it and update the main post if necesary. Install CLEO using the auto-installer, it’s fast and simple. And that is because you have to create many and many missions for completing your storyline and you just, just cannot spend too much time on particular missions because that would make you take months for creating your storyline!

Now you have to create all the storyline missions, first create tutkrial one, and then instead of saving it in Mission Menu; select “Storyline Menu” again and choose “Save Mission to DSL” and you will have to put a name for that mission file For example: You may even want to write a synopsis before you move on etoryline creating the missions.

Posted August 10, Feel free to ask any question regarding this tutorlal any other DYOM feature! The following colors are available:.