Sharda asks about her health. Everything will be fine soon. These things go on in a family but Sakshi is younger and pregnant. Sharda takes a bite but then excuses herself. I had questioned my daughter Sakshi that time but I know she can never do this. He promotes the car. Shanaya plays sympathy card.

Sakshi is observing everything quietly. Sakshi has tears in her eyes and smiles at Sharda. You have already lost the chance for that as you are married now. I dint do the right thing. Let us eat it first and then we will enjoy on our bikes. Go and prove it that you can study. Suresh and sir glares at each other. He shares his happiness with Sharda.

Sharda is happy to writen the warmness in their relation. How do you know that I had come here? That is when I cajole and convince her and send her to school. It is so late already. But I very well know who can do this in this house.

Only she rules the world. Your FIL is a typical male full of ego. I am sure he wont say no.

Ek Nayi Pehchaan

She keeps it aside. The presenter praises Suresh for his initiatives. I see my mother in you.

They can bring together hearts and home. Shanaya tells her to not study detective novels in this condition. Next time I wont trust her. I wanted to tell you to go out and enjoy with your friends. He had indeed liked the whole concept. I am his elder sister. Sharda comes to Suresh. He tells her to wear another saree as people are coming over for film shooting.


Suresh is in a fix but wants some time to think about it. I am not instigating you against Sharda ji. He is really pehdhan. Sakshi notices the laddoos and gets tempted. Latika Di has already made a demand for her business shares. Epi begins with Padma luring Suresh for funds.

Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Sharda pleads to Suresh e, stop him but he tells her to stop her motherly attitude. Sakshi to check on her Ma and covers her with a shawl. Padma knows that there are many problems in their relations anyways. I know you are angry with me but I also know that you cannot be upset with me for long as you love me a lot.

Sharda is hurt over what happened with Sakshi. Now that you like it I will book it. Diya asks her if she wont take divorce now. If Singhania likes our designs then he will give funds to our business.

Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Shanaya is really angry at how she pehchhan Sharda busy for the whole night yet she made the whole presentation along with taking care of her.


There can be only one reason for it. Sakshi cannot understand why he is talking like this. He will never agree for it. You could have told mom. Yester night it was very important for Ma to make those designs but you fell ill.

She leaves after bidding him good night. Sharda is happy and double sure they will get the contract this time.

Padma wtitten worried because of something else. Padma calls out for Sakshi who is surprised to see her there. Where were you doing your work yester night?

He checks himself in the mirror and anxiously waits for her to come out of the bathroom.

I am her mom I know her likes and dislikes very well. Bless me if nothing else. Shanaya says I am missing mom. I am feeling very lonely. Our designs will not just add to their beauty but will take care of their comfort as well. Jacky thanks her that the act she done was nayo good.