If she can’t ride them then fine but if you are willing to put her on a huge twisting rollercoaster then she should be able to do a water slide. There were long lines already, others told us they had been there since 6: No lines here, it was more like a mosh pit. The rides aren’t bad. See what travelers are saying:. Reviewed August 3, As with all theme parks, has its good and bad points. Take some tips from Disney and streamline your process. Reviewed August 8, Had a Great Time.

I also kept hearing about how expensive the food and drinks are so we decided to pack a lunch and lots of water and we left it in our trunk with plenty of ice. It took the uncoordinated people at the front gate over 25 minutes to get us from speer to actually parking in the lot. I do wish that they had a separate line for season pass holders at the entrance, but maybe that is asking too much. We were told they would make them go to back to the end of the Line. Lots of people say that you can park pretty close and avoid paying 12 dollars for parking. The park seems a little bit worn

I read a review somewhere indicating that the line to get the hand stamp was really long. All of your saved places can be paxs here in My Trips.

The drinks they had to sell were hot because they had very little ice. Was told that the price of the admission would include the BTR Concert.

Season passes are great value – Review of Elitch Gardens Theme Park, Denver, CO – TripAdvisor

seaaon I grew up around six flags theme parks and this is not even close. Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure. I’ve read lots of negative reviews of this park but I have to say, our family really enjoyed Elitches. I don’t know how this park has managed to stay in business with such poor organization and rude employees. The water park, especially this year when it has been so hot was a godsend.

Elitch Gardens announces new free season pass for kids ages 3 to 5

seaxon I think that even if you are a family of four, as long as you don’t mind sharing this is a pretty good deal for what is potentially a five month period. Little Raven Street by Commons Park is an obvious option, but it does say 2 hour parking max there and I don’t know how rigorously that is enforced so I can’t elitchee. They also had no recycling trash cans anywhere in the park.


Season passes are great value – Elitch Gardens Theme Park. I was glad to leave and will never return.

Also, they were out of just about every chip choice and the employees couldn’t even get their assembly line going efficiently so we waited over half an hour to get sandwiches. Small children being pushed and shoved and no order elithces the way the bands were being handed out. However as one of two parents who take turns at picking up the tab, I have a slightly more objective view! We finally found a place open but then they informed us that their registers weren’t working so we continued on our journey for some water.

The elitchees of eiltches in the trash was insane and I can’t believe that any responsible business would operate this way during this day and age. The space is off course limited. That costs more than the subway at DIA. Personally I would rather do that at least once and pack a lunch to eat in the car park, than spend way over the odds on their food.

Foothills Explorer Tour From Denver. Elitch’s you owe everyone eltches visited your park and attended the concert on July 31, an apology.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. However as with all attractions of this kind, if you are only going once and don’t want to have any of the stress of making your own lunch, walking from free parking spaces at least ten minutes away, getting a pass out and walking into town to get cheaper, better quality food etc, you need to have colorqdo pockets!

That sound was so poor you could not hear.

Someone also complained about the people who work the rides as being slow. Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Both of my kids are over 48 inches so they would not have qualified for the Reviewed August 3, As with all theme parks, has its good and bad points.


When Inside,went through security and bag check, we now had to go to another detination to get wrist bands for concert. The employees are rude, the rules inconsistent and the prices are outrageous.

Ask denmomof3 about Elitch Gardens Theme Park. For 70 dollars if you buy it early enough in the year, you get in ‘free’ as many times as you like, plus you get one free pass per season ticket for someone else to come with you on Tuesdays.

Season passes are great value – Elitch Gardens Theme Park

The day was hot and the park was crowded, they ran out of ice early in the day, and pizza. Take some tips from Pxss and streamline your process.

This park is a big rip off.!!! I expect food to be more expensive but that is price gouging. See what travelers are saying:.

Several parents including myself ask security to please intercede and stop the people who had just come in from starting a new line. About Us Help Center. Oh, and let me tell you of the Elitch Buck’s that you get back when you return the key after you rent a locker.

We never encountered that and we were there on a Saturday. We were told they would make them go to back to the end of the Line. I do wish that they had a separate line for season pass holders at the entrance, but maybe that is asking too much. I did a bit of research before coming because I saw that the admission prices were