Retrieved September 2, She doesn’t care about boyfriends,parties,and popularity,She more likely likes to study scientific and geographic places such as maps of countries. Today, we fixated too much on the planning stage, and that almost resulted in our elimination…. Archived from the original on October 8, Hawaii — Fresh TV”. Iceland — Fresh TV”. Total Drama returns with a new host Don and 18 teams of two. Today, we fixated too much on the planning stage, and that almost resulted in our elimination… Ellody:

Retrieved August 27, The final five teams now travel to Russia where they must traverse down the deepest hole in the world to collect a ball. Archived from the original on July 9, Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved September 28, The Rockers manage to bounce into first place, goths Crimson and Ennui lose their makeup, Josee finds out her lucky charm is cursed, and Noah nearly comes in last before being motivated by Owen. Daters Stephanie and Ryan begin to argue and are second-last to arrive while Fashion Bloggers Tom and Jen are eliminated after reconciling from a fight over their blog.

The first season of The Ridonculous Race consists of mostly all new characters, with four characters – Geoff, Leonard, Noah, and Owen returning from the original Total Drama series. Retrieved July 16, Archived from the original on July 5, All 36 tota are then paired off into 18 teams of two. The eight remaining teams now travel to Indonesia where they will all collect Komodo dragon venom and then find a quilt with the series logo on it.


After reminiscing about how great the race was, MacArthur tells Brody to keep in touch. Beijing — Fresh TV”.

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Retrieved June 30, Retrieved October 9, The next chapter of Total Drama Royale! The thirteen remaining teams travel to the Burj Dramx Arab hotel in Dubai to either clean windows or to play tennis.

Retrieved September 24, Story Story Writer Forum Community. Emma draama off their relationship with Noah, much to Noah’s shock. Retrieved August 18, Ellody was a participating contestant from Total Drama Presents: Retrieved February 25, Emma kisses Noah before their departure. Stephanie and Ryan — Fresh TV”. Argentina — Fresh TV”.

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The Ice Dancers find a lucky charm while Kelly tells her spoiled daughter off for her attitude. The ice dancers came in first once again. Retrieved June 21, The series is created by Fresh TV Inc.

Retrieved September 15, The contestants compete in teams of two throughout the season. The remaining nine teams travel to AlbertaCanada to consume a pot of pork and beans as well wnd riding a mechanical bull.

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Iceland — Fresh TV”. Your review has been posted. However, they are saved by a non-elimination leg, and they vow to take down maryy other teams.

The eight remaining teams now travel to the Arctic Circle where they must play ring toss on narwhal horns and then build an igloo. Asia 1 adn 3 4 5 Asia contestants Australia 1 2 3: New Zealand — Fresh TV”.


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This is the only episode to not feature any characters from the original Total Drama series. Challenges are of four different types: Your parents want you back home! It is also the least viewed episode in the series with under a million viewers on its release night. They chose The Surfer Dudes. Retrieved October 8, List of Teletoon original series.

For Better or For Worse. Fifteen teams still remain and they all travel to Rio de JaneiroBrazil where they must face a glove full of bullet ants and prepare a costume to participate in Carnivale. All 18 teams travel to their first country Sahara DesertMorocco. Retrieved October 6, Seventeen teams travel to Paris, Francewhere they all go to the Eiffel Tower to draw pictures of their partners, explore the catacombs rowing down the river with cheese wheels and then make their way to the Louvre where the chill zone is located.

Indonesia — Fresh TV”. Oh, and I’m in a helicopter!