Sleeping with the fishes. Ae Kyung wonders if maybe she should just get married. It airs on tvN starting May 21, His comment during the drunk scene at the newlywed’s housewarming party was distasteful. So Ran rushes out with tears in her eyes, and Jae Bum chases after her. YJ is also kind of desperate now -sending out wedding invites? How can u resist a woman like AJ!? Oshin Episode

He needs a knock on his head to make some sense. I love the camaraderie and fun comments, makes my day brighter! I want to know a male perspective!! Chang-min pulls up next to the bus in his car at a stoplight, but neither Chang-min nor Jin-hee see each other. The weeping and crying should stop and i hope it becomes more playful and KJ chasing to woo AJ. Waiting eagerly for Mon, Tues. Remember that this Shanghai deal is vital to Ki Joon, his career is on the line as everyone wants to see whether he can succeed.

I mean his just adorable our Chan-soo! I can really relate to what he felt. Who are you to stick by me and then tell me to disappear!

Twould be a way to resolve things without having Sang Hee go away again. Some form of overcompensation.

Ah Jung walks away and sits down at a bench, her tears continuing to fall. A romantic comedy about a couple who married during medical school but due to their clashing ehg divorced soon afterwards.

This episdoe the highest praise. What I should do? She couldn’t know that Chun-soo was coming though, could she have? And what of Baby Guk? It is obvious that his feelings for her did not come to an end and that they did not have proper closure when they divorced 7 years ago.


Korean drama tvn

It is common and socially acceptable to get drunk. This is gonna get ugly!! On a happy note, i guess they cant stop watching LTM cuz its getting better. Yoon Joo confesses that what she wanted to tell Ah Jung was for her to get away from her man. Plus Jaebum is such a douche.

It scary to think of what Mr. As I watch the drama, the detailed depiction of the mental state of each character emergench me amazed at the work done by the writer Kim Ye Ri.

Emergency Couple – Episode 9.

couppe Tomorrow Victory Episode She brushes him off, saying he really is a piece of work. But Jin-hee wasn’t the model wife, either. This is my last one. Thank you so much. Emergeency Park is really dramaooad Jedi. A man like him is a real man! Ah Jung says everyone is busy, but doing well. Im not watching anymore dramas. Our own lives, done make sense, and they say, that reality, beats fiction, any time!!

Drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, download drama korea high kick, drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, drama korea high school love on, downloa No matter what he does, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Once you are broken, it is very hard, to get yourself together!

Ah Jung tries to hide behind another co-worker. I’ve heard of it so many times. Somehow I feel lots of charisma emeregncy from him. While Ah Jung is accomplished woman on her own… She can not escape from the culture itself. Such a double standard.


In the stairwell as Oh Chang-Min ascended the stairs piggybacking Oh Jin-Hee, he touched or leaned against the railing. He continues to harp on their dongsaeng-noona relationship. Young Warrior — See wisdom that comes with learning and watching.

Korean Show: Five Fingers (Episode 8)

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Thanks a lot Koala for the updates! Ki Joon asks her what else can he do? Ah Jung almost trips and Ki Joon helps her up.

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Manager Park says that she did hope they could make it work, but en now Ki Joon is very exhausted. They have manage to put on drama,oad the best cola kiss and the phone video…what next? I would like to emmergency how Jin Hee reacts to this – she is obviously still very hurt by their marriage and her wounds have not healed nor has she really moved on since her motivation to become a doctor was so that his family would not look down on her.

I really love their father-daughter interactions. He tosses his canvas in anger and chokes back sobs. I totally can imagine it happen! So Ran, misunderstanding, again! Oh crap, she is like the grim reaper!! Miente Ki Joon sings: Barring the ludicrous CPR scene well, ok, it was good for a belly laughthis was a nice episode on several fronts.