This lady was ready to do literally anything the Empress said. Shin Sung Rok Main Cast. That is what Nyang did to Togon. Empress Ki was a two-dramas combo. Empress Ki created a rich world populated with fun and interesting characters. Thank you SO much for giving us a glimpse into what was being said during these important moments!!! Shin Eun Kyung Supporting Cast.

August 29, at 2: The other 2 leads aren’t doing anything for me, at the moment. Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. I really did love every minute of it. Lee Hee Jin Supporting Cast. Baek Ahn thought that his plan to kill Ta-hwan was successful but found it otherwise; instead, he hid the fact that Ta-hwan was still alive, afraid of the news reaching Yeon-chul.

Her character goes through so many trials, and she is forced to harden herself as the drama goes on.

Park Won Sook Supporting Cast. Ts one of d best kdramas av seen. In any case the Mongols lost china which wasn’t their homeland and retreated as many conquerors do back to their original homeland. Ji Chang Wook sold the role.

She stayed with the loser and keep herself there because they deserve each other but let Gododrama Yu have is son. Then it was tears all around, lol. It was what caused all the heroes troubles in the first place but it was never truly resolved to me, like the slave trade and opulent, wasteful living of Yuan royalty.

He will never make it if not of Lady Ki’s support. Tal Tal ends up secretly training Sung Nyang so that she can be their clans representative to be a consort to the Emperor. He goes through a slow and painful transformation as he learns to use his power and truly be a ruler. He’s jealousy makes me want kill him.


EKEK i wish they would show something like that Excerpts may be used provided that credit is given to Kdrama Kisses kdramakisses. Tae Hang Ho Supporting Cast. Kaiviti Awww yes I wish that too. He expressed how he missed his late father and vowed to stay alive in order to avenge his death while Seung-nyang kept thinking about her own father, Commander Ki.

I love what royalty wears, what the soldiers wear, and what the common man wears.

Empress Ki: Eps 3-4

Empress Emrpess Episode 45 Korean Drama: Nyang would have become familiar with its weak spots during her time there and know how to knock its pillars out from under it. And lyk u, I kept a special place for Tal Tal in my heart.

One of them is Western guy. As a woman, I do not agree with that. It was a great watch but it left a bad taste in that respect. I really did love every minute of it.

August 30, at 4: Reblogged this on Melle. Togon just seemed to get what he wanted without it being earned and Nyang became his mommy and friend-zoned her King who would die for her. Yeon-chul planned another attack, this time sending Dangkise and Tapjahae together with Baek Ahn and Taltal to Goryeo.

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I thought Empress Ki handled the politics perfectly because I was not bored for one single second of it. Notify me of new comments via email. Economic war would make sense since Yuan, despite its pomp, is growing weak from its own corruption.


Situated in the present in a fantasy depiction of Korea under the rule of a constitutional monarchy at the height of its turmoil, an exuberant and aspiring musical actress marries the emperor. For the first two-thirds of the drama, she is one of the few people who supports Ta Hwan. When I watch a epieode, I like to read a little about the real history.

With the undying love; fun.

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Definitely glad I did with this one, hehe. Feisu is so sincere to WangYu just like Sungnyang before. Passionate Wang Yu was all heart and reserved Tal Tal is all brain.

Klove finally, star is born. PrincessAra TalTal is sooooo handsome with his bedroom voice.

Meanwhile, she falls in love with a man who is a bodyguard for the Royal Family, working only to get revenge against them. Feisu was relegated to an additional love interest instead episodw a pillar of support of Korea.