Magda and Marty talk in the hallway of the hospital. Has anyone ever told you that you have such beautiful eyes? But Jorge is suspicious now. They’ll be so happy to see her that they’ll forget their anger. Thank you Mongoose and J. I saw the story line building but kept hoping the writers wouldn’t go there which I have found is almost always a predictor that they will! I say, all of them would be just find with me. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited.

We stopped for a He looks like an angel when he’s asleep! It was my first time listening to it. At first, I thought that he had made that promise to Salma, but it wouldn’t make sense that he would feel bad about breaking his promise to her if she was the one causing it. Salma wants to know who called Virginia and upset her so much. Bloodshed is in the mind of the snake, and I’m thinking Mati is first on her list because she’s alive to tell what really happened. I’m glad I was able to help with info about the song. She admits he can be a little bossy

I know that others are bored with secondary characters but as I have stated, I love them as they add a touch of community–an expanded community that is.

Ginny tells him that she’s glad to hear that he was fired. Thanks for pointing it out, amiga mia. You can listen to it here. Chela with Pancho has all the romance of a mutt immperdonable and slobbering on the mailman, hoping to finally get a pat on the head and a dog biscuit. She tries to let Pierre down easily and tells him that he’s an extraordinary man who deserves to be corresponded. But the fact that Reymunda was OK with it really angered me.



I was actually surprised that OG didn’t make a big fuss about what kind of a bar it was. I’ve been lurking since the start of this TN, here and there since I didn’t imperdonbale to commit but here I am, hooked thanks to the amazing recaps! Emi calls him irresponsible and thinks he’s using this as an excuse to be near Vero. Looking forward to Emi, Nanciyaga, and the snails too!

The heads that roll are unlikely to be the ones we’d pick. I do not want episofe think about Ginny’s panties. Manny pounces on her, grabs her, and throws her down on a chair.

I’m sorry imperdonsble but you need to Back off. He is probably beginning to smell by now. It has been mentioned a lot lately. I disagree that he loves Vero. Otherwise, his rage is going to buy him a one-way ticket to the imperdonbale. I want Fernando Colunga to take me in his arms, embrace me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. He tells his mother she wasn’t even home when Blanquita left. And one has to wonder if she really does not see it, or just refuses to admit it.

And Raymunda what the hell is her problem why she can’t seem to get herself away from her stupid dad and cling to her husband and her children and act like a mother should act, and defend her children from this abuse?


Oh My, so many to kill, so little time, right V? Only Salma loves her and that’s why Ginny was overjoyed when Salma shouted that she was her “hija”. He sees the blanket Vero doesn’t take the news well. Now alone, Claudia says that she didn’t want to hurt him.

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I want Fernando Colunga to take me in his arms, embrace me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Salma does her best to comfort her. She joins the attack and accuses Blanca of being a bad daughter.


Nina, “I would love to see pablo take the dang green Stick and brake It while ye ol goat watches. Anyhow, thanks imperdonanle indulging me. Log into your account. Back at the cafeteria, Danny boy tells Ginny that he’s sure that Vero and Marty would give him a lot of money in exchange for the video.

Well I think they’re playing with us and probably having a blast themselves. I’m annoyed by it as well.

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Meanwhile, in Mati’s room, her hospital bed is empty. I liked their theme song. E;isode he heads out the door. Vero has a little soup but is too upset to eat very much. Lucia puts her foot down again and gives him an ultimatum: At this rate anythings possible in this tn. He just needs to be patient and give her some space. I want to see him and Nanci hook up again! I’m glad they are getting closer. I must say I am still suprised that Vero, Emi and Jorge have not forced Martin to leave the hospital loo he is still there.

Back at the cafeteria, Ginny’s cellphone rings.

Do we need another story to follow? Hope to see you around here again! Tuesday, September 15, at 8: But the last we saw her those little gears upstairs were whirring.

He’s happy to hear that she’s not rich because the rich and poor don’t mix.