What was New Order about? Forum Clans Add Links! It was from 2 years ago and I don’t think they’ve made anything new since then. Eureka Seven AO Episode 16 is embedded and hosted by 3rd party websites, such as youtube, mega. Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! Page created in 0. Hopefully the show only gets better from here. I didn’t expect to see it so soon, here is hoping the crew is still the same.

Looking for info on new seasons of the following animes? What in the hell is going on! Oh god, the climax I really need to purchase the BGM of this show. Probably Ao’s world awaits some kind of destruction. Phantom in the Twilight Planet With.

Is there going to be a Anime Kämpfer Season 3?

O Can’t wait for episode 13, best episode of E7AO yet in my opinion. Haven’t watched it yet, but I did click the spoilers unfortunately. I wouldn’t be surprised if secrets were in fact world defenders against the Scub the invader. Over all great episode.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 12 Discussion

Could be wrong and I would be shocked dpisode she is but won’t know until next episode. Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Tenrou: I watched the subbed version myself but I hardly understood.

AO knows the truth, he was lied all the time. No excessive profanity 5. I don’t like the one he’s in now I hope they’re saving that for Renton, I’ll be disappointed if we don’t hear it in this series.


And here are the recommendations which i think it might fit. He’s got Eureka back and Gekko wondering nwanimf he’ll run away from GE for a while, just like Renton did.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Episode 8 Eng Hq в Anime series

Also any good Anime recommendations like? Goblin Slayer Bio Thread. So looking forward to next week! No outside links 3.

By watching this video through Crunchyroll, you are directly supporting the hard working content creators artists, animators, nawnime actors, writers, and more in Japan! Why did I click the spoilers button? What do they need quartz for since the space station is a kind of ark, there must be a good reason.

As happy as i am and i am nwannime as holy hell! There is going to be a war, or invasion.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 16 – NWAnime

So far this show really does lack romance compared to S1 so it would kinda be better if it stays that way? Asobi Asobase Back Street Girls: Or it could be both. For a moment you can see his Phd title, when the military guy nnwanime the page. I’m so glad that Eureka’s back in it if this is all true!


And I’m not sure there are more than one Eurekas, just one from different times. For the best answers, search on this site https: Her appearence matches the profile like in the preview – a bit eccentricity, but still lovely What is going to happen next? Cinderella Girls Gekijou 3rd Season Free!: Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai 7.

Add this Video to your Social Bookmarks! Oh, and this Eureka is truly pregnant Naru is a slut Confirmed not dream. What do you think about it? Now isn’t that something: Dive to the Future.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I’m guessing the other figure in this picture is old-man Fukai, on the cusp of revealing the fraudulent nature of this Eureka, or likely something similar in nature. Dive to the Future Gintama: DAmn now im loving series xD. Seto no Hanayome Lil ecchi, romance, comedy Shuffle!