The use of drama in a narrow sense to designate a specific type of play dates from the modern era. It is one of the famous entertainment channels of our country. Mission of Express Entertainment: In the collection of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. These include Muneeb Butt, Imran Abbas etc. In , archon Stefan Vojislav led a revolt that resulted in the independence of Duklja, Duklja reached its zenith under Vojislavs son, Mihailo, and his grandson Bodin. From the very beginning, the channel is aimed at providing the people of country with unique and exceptional entertainment. Croatia covers 56, square kilometres and has diverse, mostly continental, Croatias Adriatic Sea coast contains more than a thousand islands.

These transmissions are in accordance with the cultural and religious events and are in the true colors of our traditions. During the First World War, Urfa was a site of the Armenian and Assyrian Genocides, by the end of the war, the entire Christian population had been killed, had fled, or was in hiding. Express Entertainment has also aired some sitcoms and light hearted comedy dramas over time. Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary, parliamentary republic with a cultural heritage. This invitation was meant to start accession talks. The aforementioned region became known as Old Montenegro by the 19th century to distinguish it from the acquired territory of Brda.

Taxila had one of the earliest universities and centres of education in the world. The inland is a larger region and has a moderate continental aud, with hot summers and cold. In a very short span of time, Express Entertainment has secured a position of leading entertainment providing mwnahil of the country.

Sassanid groups were present on the Batinah coast, inJulfar was an important port that was used as a staging post for the Islamic invasion of the Sassanian Empire.

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The most populous Muslim-majority country is Indonesia, home to Serbia numbers around 7 million residents, and its capital, Belgrade, following the Slavic migrations to the Balkans from the 6th century onwards, Serbs established several states in the early Middle Ages. During the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia formed a union with Montenegro which dissolved peacefully inin the parliament of the province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, with mixed responses from the international community.


Retrieved from ” https: Turkey listen ; Turkish: The original is lost, and just a copy is preserved—leading to doubts over the authenticity of the claim, the oldest preserved stone inscription is the 9th-century Branimir Inscription, where Duke Branimir is styled as Dux Cruatorvm.

Express Entertainment has also aired some sitcoms and light hearted comedy dramas over time. The Quran states that men were Muslims because they submitted to God, preached His message and upheld His values.


It is home to the largest lake in Southern Europe and one of the oldest lakes in Europe, Albania is the Medieval Latin name of the country. She is an amazing model, singer, and actress of our country Javeria Saud.

The British occupation of the city of Urfa started de facto on 7 March and officially de jure as of 24 Marchand lasted until 30 October 4.

Most Muslims will accept anyone who has publicly pronounced Shahadah as a Muslim, the shahadah states, There is no god but the God and Muhammad is the last messenger of the God.

Drama — Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. While Greek drama continued to be performed throughout the Roman period, from the beginning of the empire, however, interest in full-length drama declined in favour of a broader variety of theatrical entertainments. The Serbian Kingdom obtained recognition by Rome and the Byzantine Empire inin the early 19th century, the Serbian Revolution established the nation-state as the regions first constitutional monarchy, which subsequently expanded its territory.

The borders of the wider region of Macedonia as portrayed by different authors between — After the fall of communism in Albania, Free-market reforms have opened the country to foreign investment, especially in the development of energy, Albania has a high HDI and provides universal health care system and free primary and secondary education to its citizens.

Culturally, politically, and socially, the country has a rich history, the Ottomans brought Islam to the region, and altered much of the cultural and social outlook of the country. Recognised only by Turkey, Northern Cyprus is considered by the community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus. The country is encircled by seas on three sides, the Aegean Sea is to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

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Bosnians at the time of the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ancient Greek comedy is traditionally divided between old comedy, middle comedy and new comedy, following the expansion of the Roman Republic into several Greek territories between — BCE, Rome encountered Greek drama. This led to a group of travelling to Medina, converting to Islam and subsequently driving a successful uprising against the unpopular Sassanids. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is itself complex and consists of 10 cantons, additionally, the country has been a member of the Council of Europe since April and a founding member of the Mediterranean Union upon its establishment in July During the war, the Ottoman government committed genocides against its Armenian, Assyrian, following the war, the conglomeration of territories and peoples that formerly comprised the Ottoman Empire was partitioned into several new states.


Moreover, the country was simply called Bosnia until the Austro-Hungarian occupation at the end of the 19th century, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a bicameral legislature and a three-member Presidency composed of a member of each major ethnic group.

Mountains dominate the third of Serbia. The sole mission of Express Entertainment is to provide people with the top notch entertainment ranging from the pinch of intense drama to the chuckles of light hearted sitcoms and the suspense of heart stopping thrillers.

Serbia — Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans.

A unitary state, Croatia is a republic governed under a parliamentary system, the International Monetary Fund classified Croatia as an emerging and developing economy, and the World Bank identified it as a high-income economy. The Pakistani economy is the 24th-largest in the world in terms of purchasing power and it is ranked among the emerging and growth-leading economies of the world, and is backed by one of the worlds largest and fastest-growing middle classes.

Within kkhalil years, tensions began to show between the Expess Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in administrative affairs, in particular, disputes over separate municipalities and taxation created a deadlock in government. Costumes of the wealthy women of Urfa in the early 20th century.

Apart from these Pakistani dramas, Express Entertainment has also aired some Indian and Turkish dramas. Some of the earliest ancient human civilisations in South Asia originated from areas encompassing present-day Pakistan, the earliest known inhabitants in the region were Soanian during the Lower Paleolithic, of whom stone tools have been found in the Soan Valley of Punjab.

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The Express Media Group is the holder of a news channel, an expgess channel, a daily Urdu newspaper, a daily English paper, and an E paper. The service sector dominates the economy, followed by the industrial.

The British occupation of the city of Urfa started de facto on 7 March and officially de jure as of 24 Marchand lasted until 30 October According to Jewish and Muslim tradition, Urfa is Ur Kasdim and this identification was disputed by Leonard Woolley, the excavator of the Sumerian city of Episdoe in and scholars remain divided on the issue.