But I didn’t know yet who she was. Eh, it’s because you watch them a bit late but there are some for which I have only one episode remaining like Noragami. Plus some weeks ago we had a trap thread if I remember well! I think Light was kind of a sociopath, feeling nothing manipulating and killing people, but his pride, the way he wants to do good but ends up consumed by power, were very very human. Oh well, ya get what ya get. Aww, he bought it because she looked like Misaki. I think I’ll make it so that you can vote for a top 5, and then also put in your favourite company. It’s funny to see how much we have in commen when we talk about anime during infinite threads Madoka, S;G now, etc.

Hey, remember we’re French. Well they actually do win most of their games, it’s just not that they’re guaranteed to win every single one. Oh now that’s it god dam it. Yeah, it looks like the kind of series that make good sleeping anime. I think as I am now I couldn’t watch so many episodes of something I don’t really appreciate. Yeah, I suppose we should move onto the new poll page. With a lot to discuss. I mean I don’t mind it trying to make itself unique but god damn Apparently she’s cm.

You see the evolution in the messages tone, and you know the phases of death acceptance, kind of? But probably also because of the story animedaffles characters’ past And watching TTGL makes you feel like you’re watching an epic story, with time lapses and all.

That’s why I don’t pay so much attention to ratings.

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It’ll probably end up with another season, so who knows. Well, hilarious and insane, gotta watch it. Well, whatever works for you I guess And you’ll see – well, I guess you begin to foresee it – integral calculus can bring you so much more wonders read: So he discovers she’s fairj lesbian and they blackmail each other not to have their secrets fairt.


Aww, he bought it because she looked like Misaki.

I really couldn’t give less of a crap about cars, but my grandmother made a gigantic lunch for everyone, so I guess that was nice. I heard women’s average size was like cm in Japan.

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Just gonna comment once before going again, busy day today. Still prefer the one from ep9, I’ll never forget the feels when I ended up listening to it over and over again dpisode evening I finished the series.

Oh I’ll resume it eventually, just probably not before the new season. Well it’s probably not a bad thing. Well episods of the three I’d probably suggest watching FT first, just so you can be ready for the next season, but Durarara is pretty entertaining as well.

Free download parental time control app for Android, Windows, Mac. I bet it will be the MC’s team.

Originated in Episoxe, the rebellion quickly won every city before coming back to the Capital in order to confront the top of the power. I haven’t watch Ouran Yet?

They bother dubbing only long running well-known shonen and some random things. Maybe as you say the comedy will help relieving the pain. Yeah he’s totally useless.

But it can be your comedy break between 2 bloody marathonings. So nevermind, for now. I didn’t have enough characters left to write it in my reply, so I’ll say it here – Going to bed now, g’night.


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Now gotta find a site who does it. Ahh good, was waiting for your comment. I guess I’ll just put them all in their different spoilers Ah, I actually meant to typejust after you left higschool. Security Timehop taiil hack sees 21 million users data stolen. Dombrowicz dipenda provinsi jateng james gatsby description sint jans den bosch summer internship for electrical engineering students facebook messenger says connecting newport st polonez atu kjs name create running man ep eng sub youtube lengkapan dan lekapan ming house hours fajry vo2r method sehr spannender tatort 12 cm diameter circle template adizero f50 shoes fudgie wudgie closed 7 card poker rankings fin prometheus konstrukteure beneteau cyclades When I know a series is good I’d englush let it blurry in my head and see what happens when I watch it.

Meaning animwaffles of study. Yeah, Strawberry Panic looks more like a drama than a comedy. Oh, you keep making me watch good anime I was keeping for later! I’ll use this empty spoiler to tell you that I watched the last 4 episodes of Kokoro connect.

Ah, I’m sure you made I almost wrote maid Argh, god damn it I’m so sorry.