But then she looks the same as before except for some very fine lines. Surely, Lee Min Hot deserves my undivided attention! I think Kim Heesun looks amazing, and she and Minho look good together, even though there is a 10 year age gap. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Also, I think it would have been more funny if he’d kidnapped an underachieving med student instead. How about if I can get one other person or a whole bunch to agree it is good? I wish they had a younger actress. Hyun and min look just sooooo cute together.

Over a meal, Team Leader Kang bluntly asks who Lee Joon-young might be, earning him four long stares from the table. Choi Young just slices his nightstick in half, in a hurry to meet the doc. Or when Lee Min Ho basically blindsides her. So Choi Young drops the false smile and says that the previous king had been 14, and dethroned by the Yuan for his youth. On the expo floor, he walks past displays of medical equipment, X-rays, and other modern marvels. He assumed that separating the two brothers was best for both of them, and belatedly realizes that this distasteful emotion rising to the surface is heartache.

At least it looks more promising than BIG. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page.

The previous style was the same as Joon-ho. Maybe Hyun is giving his all in fixing his lil bro, but Min needs real help. The portal starts to pulse, kicking up wind, and Choi Young stands guard in front as it starts to open.

She did alright when there was toast involved? He probably also suspects episdoe Ji An knows he’s Min It speaks to the power of this writing and this epizode, that I do not want Joon Yeong to be backed into a corner, to be humiliated or to be forced into prison, but to be given the respect due him, to have the opportunity to choose to give himself up.


After so many years of watching Kdramas, this one is an exceptionally well written, directed and acted.

I Remember You: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Min, I think wants to keep his identity secret, not just for self-preservation but also because he only has just been reunited with his big brother, and reestablishing a relationship. The lack of light made it hard to be enamored with the fight scenes. The moment when Hyun realizes that Min is not just misled but truly lacks empathy was wonderful.

She is also sug one who also keeps Hyeon in check, reminding him there is no justification for killing, no gaith how evil the victims are. Please enter your username or email address.

Bad Boys with Park Hae Jin 4. Heong is so gentle, but his heart is in his throat all the time with Min. Does it make right or good, the evil thing I do, just because I can justify it to myself? Happydramaland August 9, at 6: The acting is top notch. Min probably finds Ji An fascinating. It’s like although we hope since Min survived one attack it means that the same character won’t later on die by some unwritten kdrama rule or other but I feel there will not be a good way to resolve all the evil that has been done and that Min still wants to do kill Joon Yeong until Min dies.

Thank you thank you for the recap!!!

Faith Episode 3 – KoreaDrama – Engsub

I love it that much. Meghan Auld August 14, at 7: TheJu August 14, cramacrazy That time period in Korea’s history Fakth a time fraught with a lot of complicated politics. Ivoire August 14, at 3: Choi Young makes a knife-slash motion at his neck: One of the younger men zips through town and returns to report bad news.


And i love love the shot when they are watching each other sleep. Well, that does it.

The Great Doctor

Judgement is just as much about punishing the criminal as it is for the victim giving the still living dramadrazy sense of closure. The withdrawal is going to be severe.

Its like, they know we want to see what happens, but shoved this info so we HAVE to see it. I can’t wait to watch its subbed version! Thnx for the recap. I don’t think I have ever seen anything they’ve done, so that’s an additional reason for me to be on board. Same style etc etc. Btw, it made waiting time for fully subbed episode of Gaksital epiisode bit bearable!

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Anyway, I watched that dinner scene a million times, and I could watch it a million more, it’s so hilarious. And remember when Hyun first time know he is Min and come to find him?

Maya August 14, at 9: And when he killing, he do it as a form of his cry ” remember me! But Min thinking Hyun abandon him all of this time.