Add Image S2, Ep7. Everyone plans on throwing a New Year party but Avni is not interested. Vivaan finds out about Sarthak’s violent behavior from Yamini. Later, the interns plan a party in the hospital and Rose contemplates inviting Sameer to the party. Vivaan finds evidence related to the deaths. Vivaan throws the flowers given by Avni but Avni walks in at that time and apologizes to him.

Vivaan rescues Avni on time and tries to convince the child to use his powers in a positive manner by empathising with him. Know what this is about? Meanwhile, Vivaan watches the crime videos and figures out that Ranbir is in danger. Avni sees her past and realizes that she and Vivaan were lovers in her previous life. Add Image S2, Ep1. Seher and Ranbir’s secret meeting is intercepted by Seher’s family.

Later, Samir saves Ranbir from getting killed by his father.

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Vivaan and Anvi’s argument leads her to believe that she was wrong about him. Add Image S2, Ep9.

Add Image S2, Ep7. Later, both Avni and Vivaan seaeon bad about Vivaan’s behavior towards her. Later, the students experience their first delivery operation and Ranbir performs well and makes the doctor proud. An Impossible Love Story —. The class despite several mistakes does a good work in the nursery.

Meanwhile, Yamini tells Avni about her love for Sarthak. Avni and Rose discuss about Vivaan’s interest towards her. Seher and Fanxah secret meeting is intercepted by Seher’s family.


Later, Utkarsh spikes Avni’s drink, resulting in her losing control. Vivaan traces that Avni is abducted by Sarthak and Meghna in order to kill her and use her holy blood.

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Avni, Prateek, Sarthak, Rose and Seasno attend their first class with Professor Vivaan who decides to make it memorable for them by making them collect samples of urine and stool from patients and also orders them to clean the washrooms. During the night shift, the interns encounter an evil spirit in the hospital.

Rose invites her friends over for a costume party.

Later, Sarthak murders Pratik’s father when he refuses to handover the vials to him. Avni gets expelled for not attending classes regularly. Rose is miffed at Samir for attacking Ranbir. Vivaan finds out about Sarthak’s violent behavior from Yamini. Add Image S2, Ep However, Vivaan gets distressed and locks up Avni in the mortuary unaware of the extreme cold temperature.

Avani tells Jo about her feelings for Vivaan. Vivaan rescues Ranbir at the last ditch and kills the psycho clown.

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Later, Avni informs Vivaan about Sarthak’s coma. Later, the interns plan a party in the hospital and Rose contemplates inviting Sameer to the party. Seher’s father disowns her when he comes to know about her affair with Ranveer.

Sarthak succeeds in getting the file through the pizza delivery boy and discovers Vivaan’s secrets. When She calls Vivaan, Sarthak secretly overhears the conversation and gets to know about the antidote. Sarthak pursues after Yamini to steal the file which contains details about the injection.


Thus, infuriated Prateek gets into a fight with Utkarsh. While the entire class was frivolously cleaning the washroom, Vivaan enters and scolds them for not being serious.

Later, Meghna in Jo’s disguise takes the vials from Vivaan and gives it to Sarthak which makes Sarthak very happy as the vials will make him invincible and help him destroy Vivaan. Meghna urges Sarthak to get Avni’s blood in order to get more powerful than Vivaan.

Avni sneaks in Dr. Avni and her friends apologize to Vivaan for their mistakes and Vivaan gives them the task of babysitting in the nursery. Later, Sarthak injects himself to get the powers of a vampire.

Rose gives Avni ideas that force her to believe that she is in love with Vivaan. Later, Ranbir finds his bike set on fire in the parking lot and vows to get back at whoever committed this atrocity. At a party, Prateek meets Ranbir and introduces him to Avni.