Bes Kardes Five brothers with contrasting personalities have one thing in common; each other. The fear of violence forces Fatmagul and Kerim to flee their hometown and move to Istanbul. Snowdrop Two step-sisters entrenched in a bitter sibling rivalry push each other over the edge — literally — in this emotional family drama adapted from the Korean success Ice Adonis. He learns about his other family and comes to accept and love them. Stone In The River Ever thought about what it takes to develop a vaccine nowadays? This is a story of a rape victim, Fatmagul, who becomes a powerful woman.

His acting skills reveal Vural as a sensitive kind person at first glance, but then we see a harder darker side to him. Supporters A marriage made in football heaven, where real supporters are given the chance of a lifetime. Fatmagul is a simple, even-tempered girl in love with her childhood sweetheart and fiance, Mustafa. Soon Kerim falls in love with Fatmagul and supports her in fight against her rapists. Istanbul Through the Eyes of an Urban Planner. A story about family ties, love and revenge. Secret Affair A married woman begins a volatile relationship with a young, gifted pianist. She dreams of luxury and schemes nonstop to improve their financial situation.

Fatmagul Latin American and global success telling the story of one woman’s quest to seek revenge.

Nurses The story of four nurses in an action packed and emotionally-charged medical drama. Over time, Karim tries to gain the trust and love of Fatmagul as she heals and gathers the strength to seek justice against her perpetrators.

Winter Sun Mistaken identity, murder, betrayal and rekindled love set the tone in this dramatic new Endemol Shine Turkey production.


A natural-born healer with a holistic soul, she is the village herbalist The droll way she carries around her jars of elixirs riding on her slingshot motorcycle, endears her to viewers.


Maria Wern A female detective must solve a number of high profile murder cases on the beautiful island of Gotland, though solving her own personal problems threatens to stand in the way A story about family ties, love and revenge.

Her rape is the defining trajectory of her life and the series. Flamboyant, chill, lazy, and unable to understand adult responsibilities, he is a career womanizer. From Hollywood to Istanbul: At first, Fatmagul hides her fahmagul and strength of character behind a traditional facade Slowly, she finds the will to heal and live.

Vural comes from wealth, though his family is not as powerful as the Yasrans. He is as not as egotistical, snobbish, classist, frat-boyish as the other two perpetrators.

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At some point, his infinite patience wears thin and he takes charge of his life and tries to fix the vatmagul his wife makes. Till his death, he refuses to acknowledge his culpability, and projects blame on the woman instead. People’s true natures are often revealed when tragedy strikes and he changes degrees after Fatmagul is raped. Analar ve Anneler Set in s Turkey, Analar ve Anneler tells the story of two different young women whose lives become unexpectedly intertwined.

When she fights the injustice against her, she finds her bottled-up 10. Though it ends on a happy-ever-after, there is a heartbreaking strain of sadness woven throughout the story.

Pop Sport A combination of the tension of sports and the drama of the world of pop. After the fatmaghl, her defense of the victim is off-the-charts heroic. Selim has everything money can buy. Kerim, who is friends with the rapists, Erdogan, Selim and Vural is a witness during the horrific incident.


Crack Them Up The show where ordinary people try to make comedians laugh, a huge hit wherever it has aired. Deeply jealous of the young and beautiful Fatmagul, she leaves no stone unturned to harm her. Fatmagul is raped one night by three men, under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The Clinic Prime access medical drama with record-breaking ratings. If you have not watched Fatmagul, note: My Friends Award winning comedy show where celebrities interact with their unknown Facebook friends. A loving brother, he supports Fatmagul and encourages her to live a happy life—on her own terms. epsode

A hit on Star TV in Turkey during the season. Fatmagul is also a romance, in which, hate transforms to love. ID Lucky Number What’s your lucky number?

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Stone In The River Eipsode thought about what it takes to develop a vaccine nowadays? She dreams of luxury and schemes nonstop to improve their financial situation.

Insider Sarp and Mert are on opposite sides of the law, both working undercover to reveal the other’s identity. Mustafa is set up in the first episode to be a flawless man, an ideal lover. Shrewd, opportunistic, and narcissistic, Erdogan only lives episide advance his own interests. Spellfie One letter can change everything in this addictive word gameshow.