Serge Vassal 1st V. The experiment with degradable soil mulch was carried out in and in Krakow. Here, we provide an analysis of the research conducted and conduct a meta-analysis on available data to assess the contribution of FM to improving the yield of the main cereal crops across China. Our green housing films will allow you to ensure protection against the weather and to gain in early ripening. En utilisant ces derniers, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies OK. This improved oxygen barrier leads to less forage waste and, above all, better silage quality.

Controlled food crop production CEA has become more technical and computerized. The PBO1S is a white opaque film used under greenhouses for excellent recovery of light. Nous cultivons des relations durables: Other mulch alternatives developed are often unsatisfactory. So that replace the polyethylene film, we conducted experiments in two of the potato intensive growing areas in China. Nutrientes minerales de la fruta Author s:

Agricultural Plastics, technical enrubannnage, agronomic performances, recycling properties, circular economy. Filk study is to produce an innovative bio-based and biodegradable plastic film that fully biodegrades in natural conditions on the field shortly after use. In the first metal greenhouse was built, with plastic cover, in Brazil for the commercial cultivation of flowers in Holambra.

In the estimated area with greenhouses in Brazil was approximately of 2,ha. Employees from top companies use HolaConnect. Soil sterilisation solar collector. Serge Vassal 1st V.

Generally, to control weeds, pests and pathogens, the rnrubannage method of fumigation for soil sterilization is sometimes dangerous for the environment and human health.

It allows increasing… Discover. The potential for agricultural plastics as a resource for recycling will be outlined and how management of agricultural plastics contributes to a more Circular Economy.

We make micro-irrigation accessible: The study was conducted at Univ.

APE Europe organization: the most important european companies

Konrad SulakDr. Biodegradable mulch films are used since many years as alternative to PE-mulch film. As well as new generation high quality film. Integrated in the circular economy, the use of post-consumption raw materials enables to produce in a more sustainable way.


The European standard EN provides: Use of Photocalysis in Greenhouse film application, and his experimentation in field trials. Rivulis enrubanhage a leading micro-irrigation solutions innovatoroffering the global agriculture sector the broadest and most comprehensive range of products and services.

Il convient au stockage des grains, du fourrage, des grains, des engrais solides, des sous-produits etc.

The results indicated that the use of plastic mulch increased the total yield and quality of the bulbs. The development of biodegradable polymer films is an ecological alternative.

The innovation has been tested in the form of solar sail, racing sail, and photovoltaic curtains in greenhouses. Agricultural plastic mulch film in China: Bio-degradable mulch film, organic crop. The objective is to present a review on scientific and technical issues, with the aim of defining the main factors to be taken into account during the design phase of the plastic material, in order to include it in a circular economy.

The presentation will finally underline strengths and weaknesses of the various organizations outlined and analyses the way forward.

The presentation will address the environmental conditions of the soil and how they affect the biodegradation of mulch films. Wa ste Management Title: It offers reinforced… Discover. Controlled food crop production CEA has become more technical and computerized. To this end, the materials considered must remain intact in the field long enough to produce the expected positive effects and then biodegrade on the soil surface.

All are looking for answers on the following questions: This product specifically designed to perform… Discover. They are currently not produced and operated in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment, to contribute to savings in production, energy, transport and final disposal costs.

So that replace the polyethylene film, we conducted experiments in two of the potato intensive growing areas in China. Through its pre-perforations and its agronomic advantages,… Discover. A whole range going from the protection of your crops to the new generation products which bring out the full potential of your crops.


De nos jours, le paillage est une technique essentielle en agriculture. The purpose of this presentation is to review the collection of European standards EN for plastic films used in agriculture and horticulture. The latter field is dominated by engineering plastic as raw material because of its better mechanical and thermal properties than the more widely used commodity plastics.

The application of nonwoven fabric is growing rapidly as a floating cover, macro-tunnels, micro-tunnel or sleeves for bananas and vegetables.

By grolteanu 1 October From colorless mulch film to black film, rilm herbistatic products, the solution for all crops and all climates.

In the agricultural sector, plastics used as building materials have a passive effect in protecting crops against adverse ebrubannage conditions and, an active effect, creating a fertile environment for cultivation. Biodegradable mulch film, field experiment, warm and moisture conservation, biodegradability, potato and other crop. Actualmente, es alrededor de 30 ha.

Silage films

The expert statement is discussed with different bodies at European level. The Region is becoming a business incubator in its own right. Greenhouse supply industry is looking for quantitative information on their product performance. They will be at some point forbidden for recycling and will be put in landfill.

HSNB is a black white film, which offers excellent opacity causing a great herbistatic effect … Discover. This has also improved the efficiency of fertilizer use. Plastics in agriculture, however, generate serious environmental problems. Information and advice sheet for stretch wrap:.