You can find out more about Flat Earth here: Memory betrays me, because I do not recall whether I have ever seen these opaque, art-filled subway cars during my childhood trips to New York in the s, or whether I imagined them to be this way from movies and books. Over the next decades, the space changed many hands. A small exhibition where the included works are set in a domestic scene: The finished wall presents social networking activity almost as a kind of concrete poetry, in which complaints about public transport and skipped breakfasts segue into fashion tips and plans for evenings out. While she found that – 22 – people in here research were reluctant to share their biographies with her directly, she approached them by way of detour, by asking them about domestic objects: These two working relationships remain at the heart of his research practice to date. After Moscow, you need a dom otdykha, a health sanatorium.

The work consists of two wall based gallery projections that dynamically display the number of remaining oil barrels left in the world alongside the distance the earth has travelled this year. Finally, what do these images reveal? The artworks in They Told You So invert, expand, and parody the rhetoric of power. Alas, this is not the long-awaited reunion with old Russia, – 91 – but an encounter with a newfound Soviet reality. Since the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, , war is no longer defined as a conflict between hostile states, but as a “war on terror”, in order to justify state interventions. Another person asked me to draft a separate consent form and to write out all my questions in advance.

We were its continuation. It is the so-called Quartier Europe, in which the greatest cities of Europe all commissioned a street as emblem of their prestige. When I came to France, I was taught the opposite.

I compare this to Germany. There was an object I did not recognize; it was a gas switch.

One day, when we came home, he excitedly opened the door to reveal a gift; behind him stood fil set of three hard-shelled vinyl suitcases, to serve as a reminder for us to visit our Moscow home. This question posed by the exhibition considers the roles of our arts and science traditions and examines these issues as part of voinq life; as they are played out in the anthropocene, and climate change, gender politics, ethics, governance, surveillance, posthumanism, transhumanism, hacking, biohacking, colonialism, neoliberalism, biopolitics and accelerationism.

At the same time, the large majority of the world’s population has never experienced any terror outside the screen. A collection of re-framed archways with intertitle Road networks and train stations also connect Muscovites to one of three recently renovated and expanded city airports: De tentoonstelling wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Instead, he proposes to define the term as an adjective, instead of a noun However, before I discuss material culture as it relates to my research, I wish to briefly examine how objects have been theorized in anthropological literature.


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The footage has a soundtrack written by Fugazi to accompany the imagery. Radical scale shifts of knowledge and comprehension result in an absurd, zero-sum exchange between the species; however, the story is an acerbic parable about the inanity vooina war and the onlinee of external perspective. I investigate how these recordings positioned me as a participant-observer carrying out a reflexive, ethnographic research project, and I also discuss how such methods permitted alternative modes of research dissemination.

The illusion of sovereign action on the part of the individual and the romantic notion of anthropomorphic decidability are tempered as a result.

The Tape Experiments of William S. Do ears make their own sounds? It trawls through our searches, monitors our buying habits, its GPS systems tracking us, its cookies jey us, tagging us, accumulating data and information along the way, for its own sake, onliine purposes ominous or as yet unanticipated, even earning capital off the back of our labour as we manage our Facebook sites, all the while accumulating, number-crunching, processing, and then offering our desires back to us. Each one is comprised of footage from a live webcam paired with a found soundtrack, and framed within the tropes of the cinematic experience.

Prof Jon Thomson

oline See the design process from concept to packaging for four of the most important games of recent times: These two working relationships remain at the heart of his research practice to date. My kindergarten was a short walk from my house, as was my school. For writers such as Baudrillard, Postman and Eco that kind of self-reflexiveness was the very definition of hyperreality, which they dubbed the information age.

How this affects our sense of reality now and its impact in the near future is one of the most important discussions in the world today. Like a palindrome, the work encapsulates its own unidirectional movement: In what I initially perceived to be discrepant belief systems, Nikita saw continuity, revealed through an object that integrated his religious belief and the metaphysics of scientific study.


During my meetings with participants, I strove to maintain rapport that felt natural to me, allowing our conversation to develop organically. Frankenstein plays the role of the Promethean scientist, a creative genius, and also a narcissist tangled up in his own individual desires, exploiting others in an irresponsible and abusive drive to control nature.

Working across film, photography, print and installation, the contributing artists challenge us to rethink the prevailing iconography and headlines.

We were on the border. Remembering the poetry of preeminent Russian and Soviet poets is a tradition that continues a Russian intellectual history, as well as a family lineage. Engaging with art can be an emotional experience oi performance, sculpture, painting or music can all touch us beyond words — yet technology is often considered mechanical, cold or inhuman.

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Featured works are grouped by ten unifying themes and include seminal pieces by early practitioners as well as projects by some of the most pioneering emerging talents working in the field today. Here, as in societies offline, community is expressed as a complicated, disharmonious and productive place. Despite strong ties to the Russian language, Matvei reveals a tense relationship with his Russian identity: How are artists reacting to this democratization process? The jte were mostly taken in the s, before I was born, when my grandfather became aware that the iconic Arbat neighbourhood in Moscow was slated to be demolished to make way for a new road to the Kremlin.

It is about opportunity — an opportunity to showcase a 21st century Britain to the world, rich in cultures and languages and in the enthusiasm, idealism and talent of our youth. I recognized that my personal experiences could not be disentangled from my impressions of the places to which I was traveling, so I decided to approach these places experientially.

Politically, the working-class commune leaned so far left, that in the s, it was – 94 – nicknamed Little Moscow. Heat from a candle under its branches, sets them in motion, spinning and making a chiming sound. He also shares a connection to Russian literary history: Are plants affected by music? The artists shortlisted for the third Centre of Attention prize were: