Red Sparrow is fun, action-packed, violent, sexual and a whole lot of fun. Red Sparrow is what I can only be described as twaddle – brutal, nasty, occasionally boring but always gratuitous twaddle. Plot yang dikandung sangat sederhana namun screenplay yang sempurna lah yang bermain baik di sini. Tired of sequels, reboots and universe crap films Lovers of beautiful sexy women Purveyors of Action and Thrills Those who want to check how Russian bots ‘English’ is in subsequent “reviews” of the film PS: Very clever to put this movie in black and white. My top movies! This is one the best movie i’ve ever watched. Classic rock n roll, pop and ballad British , Irish cultural music blend by good romance and great casting.

The issue is very interesting because that’s can happen to us too. One question that the audience may wonder about is how come when Lawrence’s loyalty is questioned, her mother isn’t used by the State for leverage. A classic, smart and smashing drama thriller movie. A delight performance by Jude Law. A good one family movie which has good meaning and moral. Solid performances, directing, and — this I admire — clear and impactful editing of fight scenes earn this a solid recommendation from me, an aficionado of spy movies. This is a kind of movie which only using the power of speak rather than the action of the body to delivered the idea. Nice morality story about a man who really struggle with his life and bring love to his nephew.

This chinese and American studio animation failed to satisfy movie enthusiast, but in other way it may satisfy a bunch of people who trying to seek galantic heroes animation. This movie become more interesting after the kind journalist go into the killing act too. Every shock and laugh expression are real.


It is lots of fun. sectre

Great performances by all actresses, success to blend the funny experession and deep story of this drama. Nonpro, flawness and entertain movie. Nice but not special. I love how Jarratt brought the character and i love all of the executions.

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Who knew that Hollywood still makes action-packed serious intricate movies like this? By the way it has to admit that the plot is very smart. Beside that talking about the cast, the director did a good work for this one.

Who will doubt of Streep performance? Nelek Sparrow wasn’t something special at all but for sure it was a very work well film with a mystery feeling and nice plot. They are to meet in Hungary, something that the CIA recognises as an attempt to get secret info from Edgerton.

This is a cold war thriller about a Russian of privilege being manipulated by the Russian state appatchiks to violate themselves and those around them. Fiml thought and honesty uncontested movie! But let’s hope the sequel will break the myth. Of course she is a scream queen, said wikipedia.

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Brought by Slyvester Stallone,starring Jason Statham as the main character. It’s like spetre a reality show but with short story and movie technical. This movie won’t satisfy you for the family genre you seek.

Biography emang jarang gagal, termasuk “Loving” menurut ane ceritanya nendang banget. And if you the horror fan,maybe you will agree with me,this movie isn’t scary at all. But this movie did a good job i thought. Opa Daniel Craig terlihat sekali lelah. vilm


There are also a couple of good shocks in the film, which means this is no ta Disney film with its millions of universe offshoots. She must kill another contestant and there is no way out. But myself little bit dissapointed with the ending. I think much more time needed to be spent on the screenplay and then in the editing suite to spdctre this film up.

I mean it is this or the umpteenth sequels and remake is the fifteenth remake of Grinch and reboot of Star Trek out yet? Spectr, this honest romance movie is charming in some way. Kind of comedy movie which only can psectre for people who love America gags. I love non-realistic Bond movies for their action, humor, and production value, and I also love gritty spy films like “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” and “Three Days of the Condor” even though Condor is a pure political statement — unrelated to the actual world of CIA in any way.

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Paling ga di film ini bisa buat anak2 minta temen2 beliin dogy, Bahayanya dogy gede di sini, siapa tu yang urus. Under a lot of fantastic scoring, this animation really a specrte recommendation for your family.

Hawke and Snook are remarkable. Amazing performances by all cast and Jean Marc,the director of this movie.

The problem is everything he do cannot make horror movie fans glad.