Since he is already set on death, he may actually give her his eyes. That Winter The Wind Blow. Retrieved July 3, Retrieved April 3, He received 13 stitches for his wound at a nearby hospital, then returned to the set and finished shooting. Thank to you all Guys..

Sementara itu, Kim Bum terbang kembali ke Korea pada tanggal 1 Desember dan sedang dalam proses memilih proyek berikutnya. Although not very large mutation in viewer ratings but with a fresh story , the audience is very interested and waiting for next year ‘s work station. Many knows that and these what makes interested to come on board,there’s no reason to say no. The four leads attended the drama press conference held on January 31, Therefore, instead of waiting and then disappointed as the first half of the year , the SBS drama ‘s second half began with the famous playwright and colorful cast. A gambler and con man Jo pretends to be the long-lost brother of a blind heiress Song , but these two damaged people come to find the true meaning of love after getting to know each other. Jo In-sung Song Hye-kyo.

There’s always laughters around. Although no prominent actors to present the movie but still maintain their position in the film and is increasing daily versus 13 episodes originally expected. But now as i get older i think that acting is getting harder. Retrieved July 3, Hasilnya, rating yang didapat tidak cukup memuaskan.

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As the end is approaching, viewers are anxious to find out the fate of Oh Young and Oh Soo. Song ttayang about her role as a blind woman, “Because my character cannot see, I am unable to make eye contact with In-sung and can only see how it plays out when I monitor the scenes afterwards.


Itu tangannya di mana? Newer Post Older Post Home. Therefore it would be logical to predict that “That Winter, The Wind Blows” will have the same ending as the original story. It’s like as if she has a switch. Even a highly respected doctor has said that Oh Young’s case is hopeless, which makes us believe that her fate is already set. He leads a goal-less life as a high-stakes gambler with a Unlike other dramas, the production crew of the wijter Winter, The Wind Blows” is working under a completely different system from the production crews of other dramas.

This page was last edited trabs 14 Februaryat That Winter, the Wind Blows Promotional poster. March 16, yv, Retrieved March 16, Sandara Park remember her wins with a cotton candy? However, the initial episodes of the same comic book moviesplus then caught in suspected case of plagiarism should be reduced attractiveness. Although not very large mutation in viewer ratings but with a fresh storythe audience is very interested and waiting for next year ‘s work station.

When i’m not acting,i feel like acting and when i am acting i feel that it’s so hard. Did you miss your activation email?

Retrieved March 10, It is actually what the viewers are hoping for. But when I visited facilities for the blind and asked them, they told me that they te wear makeup and colorful clothing.

The expectations were high and SBS did not disappoint. Lighting director Fikm Hwan also employed twice as much lighting equipment as do other dramas.


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Dia bahkan sempat memuji akting U-Know Yunho. The cast and crew are currently working as hard fulm they can to provide their viewers with a satisfying story. Retrieved March 4, Because you are blind thus you cannot do many things,this is the wrong perception of many.

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Archived from the original on December 26, Retrieved April 21, December 04, FM Japan 2nd yg dijual baidu. Retrieved from ” https: Logged “There was never a more dangerous time to fall in love” – The Crossing warda-dani Tomodachi Keong: Retrieved February 9, Regardless of what the finale will contain, it will be remembered for a very long time.

Box office hits like My Sassy Girl coming to the small screen”. Hasil dubbing untuk drama Korea ini terbilang mengecewakan penggemar drama Korea.

If Oh Young wants to live, she must endure though chemotherapy and several surgeries, not to mention surgery for her eyes.

Currently, Oh Soo is thinking of sacrificing his own life in order to save Oh Young. Unfortunately, since the film began airing received false feedback is history.