By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Air Vice-Marshal Smart replied that this was a political matter and he would have to refer the accusation to Ambassador Cornwallis. The Kingdom of Iraq also referred to as Mesopotamia was governed by the United Kingdom under a League of Nations mandate , the British Mandate of Mesopotamia , until when Iraq became nominally independent. On the base 13 people had lost their lives and a further 29 wounded, including nine civilians. Further aerial attacks were conducted against the plateau during the day and following nightfall [81] Colonel Roberts ordered a sortie by the King’s Own Royal Regiment 1st KORR against the Iraqi positions on the plateau. Retrieved 12 August When the news reached the Grand Mufti in Baghdad, he immediately declared a jihad against the United Kingdom. The newly arrived infantry companies, of the Essex Regiment, methodically cleared the Iraqi positions house-by-house.

The next morning the column entered the RAF base [] [] and throughout the day the remainder of the 1st battalion The Essex Regiment were airlifted into the base. Nick Kourtides is the Sound Designer. Thomas, David A Carrier adds a reassuring presence and gives comfort to Gordon. While the Iraqi troops in Basra agreed to withdraw on 2 May, they failed to do so. In the immediate aftermath of the fall of Rashid Ali’s “National Defence Government” and the armistice, Baghdad was torn apart by rioting and looting. Anti-Semitism from Nazism to Islamic Jihad. Rashid Ali made covert contacts with German representatives in Ankara and Berlin, though he was not yet an openly pro-Axis supporter.

Quinan could also not contemplate any move north for three months on account of the flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates. Air Vice-Marshal Smart replied that this was a political matter and he would have to refer the accusation to Ambassador Cornwallis.

Unfortunately, Cornwallis arrived in Iraq too late to prevent the outbreak of war. That night the RAF succeeded in a night bombing, with several bombs landing inside the fort. On the base 13 people had lost their lives and a further 29 wounded, including nine civilians.

Retrieved 12 August HMS Emerald was already in Basra. Initially, the Iraqi siege of RAF Habbaniya and the ability of the besieged British force there cinrma withstand the siege was the primary focus of the conflict. The award was accompanied by honours for three actions during the war: Jenn Rose did an outstanding job with the choreography. On 2 May, the day AVM Smart launched his airstrikes, Wavell continued to urge for further diplomatic action to be taken with the Iraqi government to end the current situation and accept the Turkish government’s offer of mediation.


The Iraqi force had abandoned substantial quantities of arms and equipment; the British garrison gained six Czechoslovakian-built 3. Churchill wrote, ” Libya counts first, withdrawal of troops from Greece second. By dawn on Wednesday 7 May, RAF armoured cars reconnoitred agm top of the escarpment and cijema it to be deserted.

During the early hours of the day, one company of the 1st battalion KORR were air transported by 4 Valentias and landed on the Baghdad road beyond the town near Notch Fall.

Matthew J Photography Final Thought: AfterIraq and Persia were used to transit war material to the Soviet Union and the British military presence became mainly lines of communication troops.

Playing the role of Gordon Schwinn, an up-and-coming composer who is struggling to write something meaningful, is Steve Pacek. By treaty, Iraq was pledged to provide assistance to the United Kingdom in war and to permit the passage of British troops through its territory.

The remaining Italian aircraft were evacuated at the end of May and used to defend Pantelleria. The newly flyunn infantry companies, of the Essex Regiment, methodically cleared the Iraqi positions house-by-house.

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However, Churchill added that the “spirited defence” of Habbaniya by the Flying School was a “prime factor” in British success. The leaders of the National Defence Government began to arrest pro-British citizens and politicians but many managed to escape through Amman in Transjordan.

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If the landing was opposed, Wvm was to defeat the Iraqi forces and establish a base but Fraser was not to infringe Iranian neutrality.

By 1 May, the Iraqi forces surrounding Habbaniya had swelled to an infantry brigade, two mechanised battalions, a mechanised artillery brigade with 12 3. During the morning, Smart and Roberts surveyed the situation, they determined that they were exposed to attack on two sides and dominated by Iraqi artillery; a single hit from an Iraqi gun might destroy the water tower or power station and, as a result, cripple resistance at Habbaniya in one blow — the base seemed at the mercy of the Iraqi rebels.


This is the inspiration behind Flyinj New Brain. The Iraqi force retreating from Habbaniya met with an Iraqi column moving towards Habbaniya from Fallujah in the afternoon. Also on 7 May, apparently unaware of Smart’s injury, Churchill sent the following message to Smart:.

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Faisal and his family took refuge in the home of Mulla Effendi. The British garrison had suffered 13 men killed, 21 badly wounded, and four men were suffering battle fatigue. The garrison had inflicted between — casualties on the besieging force and numerous more men had been taken prisoner. This was the final aerial battle of the Anglo-Iraqi War.

But this attack met stiff resistance from the start and made no progress.

Facing little opposition they captured the bridge within 30 minutes, they were then met by an Iraqi envoy who offered the surrender of the garrison and the town. This was the 10th Indian Infantry Division’s second brigade to arrive in Iraq. Cornwallis was highly regarded and he was sent to Iraq with the understanding that he would be able to hold a more forceful line with avvm new Iraqi government than had hitherto been the case.

Before this, Iraqforce was more or less limited to the forces landed at and advancing from Basra. The advance made slow progress and was hindered by extensive inundations and by the many destroyed bridges over the irrigation waterways which had to be crossed.

Forward defences against a possible German invasion from the north through the Caucasus were created inand the strength of Paiforce peaked at vam equivalent of over 10 brigades before the Russians halted the German threat at the Battle of Stalingrad.