I think it is an outstanding portrait of a man who constantly had to battle a strong-willed father, bullies, and the concept of kung-fu as being the hereditary right of families to teach. The Miracle Fighters Huo Yuanjia covertly observes his father teaching martial arts to his students during the day. He plays a character who is duplicitous yet has standards and compassion that transcend nations or cultures. My favorite part was the first half with the son learning from the awesome Yasuaki Kurata, their relationship was done pretty well. It is however a more than respectable bookend to this phase in the career of one of the greatest martial arts choreographers of all time. At night, he secretly practices kung fu with Chiang, who has also been spying on Huo Endi and replicating his forms.

It really transcends a lot of typical kung-fu cliches by instilling the story into a family drama, with a father surrogate in the form of Yuen Gap’s teacher. This began as an open-ended project about…. As the fourth of huo endis children fok yuen gap was born weak and susceptible to illness. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Plot Huo Yuanjia, the fourth child of renowned martial arts master Huo Endi, developed asthma and jaundice at an early age. But Kong secretly learns the Fok family’s style of martial arts, mizongyi. Check back regularly to find your next favourite book.

While the film is still fun, it just isn’t the classic I was hoping it would be. Huo yuanjia 18 january 9 augustcourtesy name junqing, was a chinese martial artist and a cofounder of the chin woo athletic association, a martial arts school in shanghai. Edit Did You Know? Fok defeats Sanaka and his Japanese swordsman.

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The Ip Man Legacy I am still looking for this title, specificly the HKL version. The basic story is that Yuen Gap wanted to be trained in his father’s style but his father had other ideas for him and instead wanted him to be a scholar.

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The Return of Chen Zhen Use the HTML below. Martial Arts movies with a kick and punch.


Tong Huo-wan Jackie Chan foo redress from the man responsible for his master’s death, but becomes entangled in a feud between a local clan and gangsters. Plot Huo Yuanjia, the fourth child of renowned martial arts master Huo Endi, developed asthma and jaundice at an early age.

It was such a powerful movie when I first saw it, and it is still powerful after seeing it so many times. A Hong Kong cop and two American cops are onto a suspected harbor worker and are forced to team up when they discover that the suspect is a witness on the run from CIA agents and their schemers; two corrupt cops. Sanaka Senior Fung Fung Don’t know if I want to compare this to the other Fok Yuen Gap movies as I like almost all of them but for now, this one is the clincher!

Although in this movie hes called fok yuen gap translation error. This, I think is the performance of Leung Kar Yan’s career.

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When Huo Yuanjia is set upon by bullies, he is unable to defend himself. This is a powerful, yet fictionalized life story of Huo Yuan Chia, a real kung fu master in Southern China who brought respect to cok populace and allowed kung fu to be taught to all Chinese during a time of revolt and low morale in the country’s history.

Sanaka commits suicide because of the defeat and ga father sends the Top fighter from Japan to challenge Fok Yuen in China. Even when the film gives us some character work and plot the duel father role to our hero, for example rarely does it feel effective enough to raise the film above just being a series of haphazard fights.

Chan zan, a fictional student of huo yuanjia and the protagonist of the film fist fpk fury. After some time, Kong leaves Fuk and advises him to practice Martial Arts. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Keep track of everything yuem watch; tell your friends. My favorite part was the first half with the son learning from the awesome Yasuaki Kurata, their relationship was done pretty well. I even heard her telling a couple of her girlfriends how good it was! Basic plot revolves around fpk young Beggar Su getting addicted to opium and manipulated by a Nobody becomes yudn master overnight; oh no, the movie jumps ahead 12 years to show that it damn well takes time to master a decent kung fu style!


But the yarn is structured very well, so the audience is engaging their emotions in the story, right up to kovie end. He also is great as a gruff father who realizes his mistake later on when Yuen Gap develops into a man. Updated on May 14, Fok Yuen is having asthma at an early mobie and contracted jaundice, his father discouraged him from learning martial arts.

Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. He is interrupted by someone spying on their training session, initiating an inevitable duel.

Share this Rating Title: It has a clever plot based on the turnofthecentury chinese martial artist huo yuan chia fok yuen gap in cantonese. He observes his father teaching his students martial arts during the day and secretly practices at night with Kong.

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Based on actual newspaper reports from the time, Huo Yuanjia accepts the challenge of a Russian boxer who claims no Chinese can beat him. He sadly passed away on 30 th March The consequences of this fight leads to Huo Yuanjia being openly challenged by the Japanese to a duel to the death.

In Japan, I believe they would say his character embraces the true spirit of budo. A must-see for fans of intricate old school kung fu! I wasn’t all that impressed by the action in ‘LoaF’, but it was competent in terms of entertainment-value and leads Leung Ka-Yan and Yasuaki Kurata were very watchable.

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