About Features Contact Terms. Episode Ep 49 Apr 28, This page was last edited on 15 February , at However, eventually, Xander, with the help of Agnes and their community, will transform from a brash, broken boy to a very charming man loved by everyone. Episode 85 Ep 4 Feb 20, Episode Ep 20 Mar 16, Episode Ep 64 May 19,

Episode Ep 42 Apr 17, Love is full of surprises. Agnes Liza Soberano may have moved on but the past finds a way where it won’t be forgotten. How can Superman transform this into an opportunity to win Lois Lane’s heart? Episode 89 3 years ago. Episode 91 3 years ago.

Episode Ep 20 Epiwode 16, Episode Ep 51 Apr 30, After going through the pain of seeing her mother, is Agnes Liza Soberano ready to see Xander enrique Gil again? Will this stressful event that Kate’s family has to go through bring back Kate’s depression?

Both cross paths when Xander crashes into Agnes’s strawberry truck while base jumping. Episode Ep 36 Apr 9, Episode 92 3 years ago.

Forevermore Pilot Episode

Episode Ep 60 May 13, Episode Frevermore 34 Apr 7, Xander Enrique Gil has missed so many chances and this time, he finally realizes that love cannot wait forever. Episode Ep 40 Apr 15, Episode Ep 50 Apr 29, Episode Ep 63 May 18, Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano in ‘Forevermore ‘ “.


Episode Ep 31 Mar 31, This is the story of Xander Enrique Gilthe rebellious and broken unica hijo of a hotel magnate; and Agnes Liza Soberanothe humble and hardworking daughter of a strawberry farmer fpisode Benguet.

What will Agnes do to forget Xander?

Forevermore March 11 2015 – Watch Foreve

Episode Ep 47 Apr 24, Xander’s Enrique Dpisode plans to win Agnes’ Liza Soberano forgiveness aren’t working, but fate finds another way by making Xander the professor for the day. How can Superman transform this into an opportunity to win Lois Lane’s heart? Episode Ep 52 May 1, Episode 84 4 years ago.

Agnes Liza Soberano finds the strength to speak to her mother, releasing all the pain and the questions that she has been wanting to ask her all these years.

A song is obviously not enough to win back Agnes’ Liza Soberano heart, so Xander Enrique Gil takes another chance and joins the faculty in the leadership seminar.

Forevermore Pilot Episode – video dailymotion

After Xander Enrique Gil decided to move on, Agnes Liza Soberano finds it harder and more painful to let go of her feelings.

Episode 88 4 years ago. Episode Ep 28 Mar 26, Episode Ep 25 Mar 23, Episode 95 3 years ago. Episode Ep 42 Apr 17, Episode Ep 29 Mar 27, Episode 94 relay years ago.

Episode 87 4 years ago. Episode Ep 45 Apr 22, In the end, will Xander and Agnes still be able prove that true love can last forever? Episode 90 3 years ago. Episode Ep 57 May 8, Episode 83 Ep 2 Feb 18, Episode Ep 61 May 14, Retrieved from ” https: Episode Ep 23 Mar 19, Forevermorr 3 years ago.


Episode Ep 39 Apr 14, Episode Ep 37 Apr 10, Episode 88 Ep 7 Feb 25, Episode 92 Ep 11 Mar 3, Seeing her mother again reminds Agnes Liza Soberano of the pain caused by being left behind. Episode 90 Ep 9 Feb 27, Can the two finally settle their issues for the sake of the team?

Episode 82 Ep 1 Feb 17, Episode Ep 38 Apr 13, Episode Ep 64 May 19, Sign In Sign up as new user. Episode 97 Ep 16 Mar 10, Episode 87 Ep 6 Feb 24, Is it already too late for them to rekindle the love that they have for each other?