Cut through the film only–not through the art surface! Surface Primers 17ml Bottles 60ml Bottles ml Bottles. The problem with not using some masking is you may have to limit what types of project you can do And it keeps my leftovers fresh too!!!! I’m in the middle of moving, and came across a roll of this stuff. And it sure is cheap.

Let the over spray drift out toward the center of the flames; this will provide us a good transition between the yellow and red colors in the next step. Our most popular frisket film for airbrush Available in clear or matte. The old way of doing it I have only used it on smooth surfaces so it may or may not adhere to a rougher surface. Be very careful using Frisket film with solvent based paints as the solvent will release the adhesive from the Frisket leaving a mess on your painting surface when you pull the Frisket film off. I try to stay away from stencils,Eventually you’ll become dependent on them!! You always want to keep your painting surface as clean as possible so keep your design lines very light, faint.

You always want to keep your painting airbrushijg as clean as possible so keep your design lines very light, faint. I may be on to something.

Frisket Film

When I need to mask again, i’ll try the cotton rag idea. Step 1 Insert a sharp No. I have contacted friends around the world for any other brands with no luck. Then again, I have used Sculpey clay for a little project. Some folks have said they frissket clear shelf liner paper the same way as frisket film.


How to Use Frisket Film

And it keeps my leftovers fresh too!!!! With our design out line to our liking, using a hobby knife and number eleven blade, we will carefully cut the design out of the Frisket. Tips Do not leave Frisket film on your artwork for long periods. Airbrushibg tape is my number one choice. In acrylic painting I have used a generic brand of contac paper from the dollar store.

How To Use Frisket Film in Airbrushing – Airbrush Guru

I just rememeber how big a roll you got for not much airbrrushing. Another product is to use 3M Photo Mount adhesive with the tissue paper. I read that from you in another thread and used it to de-tack-ify some way too aggressive Frisket film that was ripping my Bristol Board all up.

Might be great for the mask then remove technique. You might want filn keep the backing as you might want to stick pieces of the Frisket film back on it after you cut them out of the design. Cut the entire design out now; if you only cut part out and start painting it might well cover your design lines up making it very hard to cut later. Original Frisket Film Gloss Roll 10 in x 4 yd mm x 3. Alternative to using Frisket film?

Alternative to using Frisket film ? [Archive] – WetCanvas

And it sure is cheap. Great for airbrushing, retouching, creating stencils, masking and various other applications.

To start airbrushing I use the red spraying half on the Frisket film and half on the paper within the flames. Original Frisket Film Gloss Roll 25 in x 4 yd mm x 3. Artool Stretch Mask Mini Series, White Adhesive backed masking film Featured in a small size for detailed jobs Conforms to curved and irregular surfaces.


Starting from the center of the Frisket use a small straight edge to smooth the Frisket out; work from the center towards the out side edges of your painting aribrushing.

Thanks for that talcum powder suggestion.

When applying Frisket to rough surfaces, burnishing around the edges will result in better adhesion. Here is a link to one site selling it: He said it is good stuff. Frisket is especially useful in watercolor and acrylic painting and in airbrushing. Other uses include rubber stamping, stenciling and retouching.

Baby powder only made it useless as it wouldn’t stick at all in places. Haven’t used it again now that I am AB’ing again. Airbrush Body Art Paints. Original Frisket Film Matt Roll 15 in x 4 yd mm x 3.

My nieghbor has an AB video by Richard Sturdevant where mentions something called Parafilm, made for laboratory use. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.