Present it to your teacher before reproducing it Hand-out Planning Guide: Name at least five 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with an effective board displays. See what learning resources are present. What topic do I like to work on? Which skill do you need to develop? What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience?

They should be allowed to enter the computer room whenever they have their assignments or things that they have not finish doing. Here they can share teaching aids for unified teaching strategy. The screen is big enough for the students, and it can be connected to the computer. An excellent resource to use in the classroom to learn about entomology and bodily functions. Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers? There is this tarpaulin located at the end side of the bulletin board that has the picture of Dora on it and has letters printed about the qualities of a true DJAL students. September 19, Topic: Telephone although the pla compared to yer is no longer what it looks like now.

During this observation, somehow the material were being used effectively since the ma- terial was just for evaluation or a sort of scjool if the learners were able to understand the topic or the discussion. Do you notice some errors like misspelled words, grammar inconsistencies, etc.? What do you think was the purpose of the board display? I usually bring my laptop for my kindergarten classes when I introduce them new songs or dances to supplement my topic. On the part of some people concern, yes it is.

Organize them in a box Class Observational Guide: What components do I include in my outline?

Since, her topic has already been discussed by her in her previous years, she used the same material again or it could be that to learrning money and effort.


Slideshow Biz Episode 4: Also, you need to have an electricity to run these Equipment so that means resoucre room should have an electrical outlet or you need to go to a room Which you can have a film showing. Basically, Smart TV functions the way tablets are, only this device has larger scope.

This web site has a great humorous slant to it that makes learning fun! After that, if the book was not return they will charge the student 5 peso per hour. An excellent resource to use in the classroom to learn about entomology and bodily functions. This leads to better socialization.

I would start my class with a prayer. See and Say Schoo, of Teaching Aids. Promotes Socialization Smart TVs are perfect for teaching group of students.

Episode 1: The School’s Learning Resource Center – DIT Field Study

No presentation will be made if one of these equipment aint Working or not available. Except for the Smart TV, I believe that I am already confident in using all other learning materials available in the learning resource center. Students Previous and Up — Coming Activities! Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding? What images and colors do you see? Surfing the net could be of big help since internet offers a wide variety of Sample centerr displays and techniques on be effective on it.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

Using teaching resoirce are very important. To have a participation from the class, I am going to ask some pupils to give examples of plural nouns and they may use it a sentence as well.

schokl It is the reason why student-teacher interaction in classrooms is few. Yes, the bulletin board is in the place where students or even parents and pass-Byers can see them. Learninf Hypermedia textbook for elementary school http: With regards to the use of the resources especially the microphones, speakers, and projectors, these things are properly monitored. The In-charged told me that they only allow student borrow books until 4 pm. Recall your past experiences in making board displays. How do you practice these skills?


Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about?

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

What do their responses indicate? Which skill do you need to develop? It attracts the attention of the students making both teaching and learning effective. List of Available Learning Resources. These traditional materials are basic resources available on most government schools in Thailand. A lot of information and teaching resources are available online for both the teachers and students to use. What suggestions can you make?

What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials? What are the displays about?

The postings on the the bulletin since it is ressource are not so relevant located in the area to the students where people can immediately recognize it. Are they looking towards the direction of the teacher and the materials? I do have a bit of creativity, organizational and communication skills.

For example, the link to whales has lesson plans developed by both educators and students to be interactive and interdisciplinary. They Can do this activity during class or during break or recess time.

Sites like Picassa and Youtube are easily schoil on this television. Easy to other computer c.

The strength is that the teacher or the facilitator of the learning resource center has mastery of the subject matter or is a knowledgeable individual. It also serves as her classroom. List down those that can be useful for your topic?