Brotherhood Debuts on Funimation Apr 9, Gabriela Milani as Catherine Elle Armstrong. Archived from the original on July Tomoyuki Asakawa Harp Network Manager: Takeo Tsuda Website Design: Vanessa Wunsch as Trisha Elric. Al and Marta are shocked to find Kimblee at the military base, and Marta, acting out of rage, attacks Kimblee, and after a failed attempt to injure Marta by sacrificing a soldier, Kimblee finds himself fighting Al, who is protecting Marta.

Mustang later allows them to search for it, with the caveat that he be kept abreast of developments. Before the Fall Manga Ends in March Footprints of a Comrade-in-Arms. Outside, Al is ambushed by another security guard named Number Takako Honda as Martel. Akira Senju Original creator:

Having seen the attempted human transmutation, Mustang tries to recruit the boys to become state alchemists, but Winry’s grandmother Pinako angrily orders him to leave. Gwang Jang as Van Hohenheim.

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Mandy Mometti Graphic Design: Silke Linderhaus as Mrs. As they study episoode, Lujon falls in love with her; however, Lust only stays with alchejist because he invokes faint memories in her mind that she cannot identify. However, they are confronted by Archer, who has turned into a cyborg being. Shinya Fukumatsu as Fox Trader A ep They arrive at Lior, where they hear about a religious leader named Father Cornello who can create miracles.

Edward is particularly troubled when his opponent turns out to be a pair of brothers, each controlling a different part of the armor.

Hidenobu Kiuchi as King Bradley Young. Angel Balam as Jean Havoc. Dante reveals that Envy was the first ever homunculus, created when Hohenheim attempted human transmutation to revive his son who died of mercury poisoning.


Sibylle Kuhne alchekist Pinako Rockbell. The Tringham brothers have arrived in Central with an important message for the Elric brothers.

Fullmetal alchemist season 1 ep 11

Pam Dougherty as Madame Christmas. Later, Hohenheim decides to confront the leader of the homunculi, Lyra. As they leave, a car wreck outside causes a small boy to become injured. Brotherhokd Life – Bloody Monday Jan 4, Yuri Chesman as Ling Yao.

Conqueror of Shamballawhere the characters from both the theatrical release and the series are turned into chibi forms. Maxey Whitehead as Alphonse Elric.

Thierry Kazazian Vincent Violette. Al reveals that the red stone they’ve made is a poor copy of the Philosopher Stone and the older brother impostor an alchemist named Russell Tringham attacks Ed using crimson water.

Shinichiro Miki as Roy Mustang. While Greed and co. Kimbleethe “Crimson Alchemist”, and several other prisoners are led by a fake Grand to be ingredients for the philosopher’s stone.

As Edward, Lust, Wrath, and Sloth all arrive at the factory where Alphonse went to meet Tucker, a climactic battle ensues, as Edward and Alphonse must finally confront their creation.

Donatella Fanfani as Izumi Curtis. Brotherhood – Part 1 Blu-Ray 1 Hughes and his wife Gracia throw a birthday party for Ed, interrupting a chance to cram. Cornello also transmuted a giant bird from a parrot and sends it to fight against Ed, who fends both of the chimera and the bird off by exposing his automail, his metal arm and leg. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Alessandra Karpoff as Rose Thomas. Mari Suzuki Prop Design: Ed is now a “dog of the military” for having passed the state alchemy examination. Mugear is ultimately disposed of and the underground mine shaft collapses, causing the crimson water to flood out of the spring.

Madman’s Official Fullmetal Alchemist Website. When Edward angrily demands to see Envy’s true form, Envy gleefully obliges, transforming into Hohenheim and Dante’s deceased son, causing Edward to hesitate in sorrow. Fullmetal Alchemist movie Debut”. Ai Satou as Mrs. Masahiko Minami Planning Assistant: Roden as Maes Hughes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV)

Brotherhood – Part 4 Blu-Ray 4 Sheska reveals that she has memorized all of Marcoh’s works, and then makes handwritten duplicates for the Elric brothers. This, however, is t Brotherhood western premiere, Madman streaming series online. Fullmetal Alchemist official Japanese website.

Brandon Potter as Caster eps 53, Meanwhile, the Elric brothers flee Lior for Resembool, while Mustang’s brigade, on orders from Bradley to capture the boys, is in hot pursuit. Yoki spots Scar in a group of Ishbalans arriving at a refugee camp.

Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. November 20, [18]. Hidekatsu Shibata as King Bradley.