Dishes, dishes, dishes Cleaning up the dishes. But we still need someone to pilot the ship. A secluded table, some big giant ants, and thou. Ah, yes, our famous Human Habitat. Futurama S4E5 – Leela’s Homeworld. What do ya say we split a free drink at the robo-bar?

Which reminds me, this is still a mugging, so – Hee-ya! I’m just out for my nightly crime spree. Help, I’m being mugged! I’ve been sitting here paying my bills online. You want to buy one? Futurama S2E12 – Raging Bender.

Well, that’s the last one.

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Well, see you guys tomorrow! But look, that’s ancient history, and we need some one-on-one time. Futurama S2E19 – Mother’s Day.

From work, and LinkedIn? Was it cruel when humans caged other primates in zoos for centuries? Only if I cut off my arm. All right, all right, where’s the surprise? I’ve never seen one have so much trouble with zippers. What with the bad economy and Hermes never paying me, I got a second job clearing dishes.


Futurama S07E15 Fry and Leelas Big Fling

Yeah, we’ve been through a lot, me and my sax. Futurama S6E24 – Cold Warriors. Futurama S6E25 – Overclockwise.

Put a little peanut butter on there, they really fill you up. Um well With someone else? Futurama S3E6 – Bendless Love. I mean, I’ll always respect his frugality, but that’s all. Enough zoo director talk. From the moment our automated shuttle picks you up, you’ll be totally alone.

I got to tell them. We still have to rescue Futueama and Leela! Are you and another person finding it impossible to be completely alone? And then Sean had to show up. Finally they pay for a secluded romantic getaway, which turns out to be even worse. Wait, if you guys came from Earth, why do you hate humans so much? Also, Leela and I Had a very nice, very private vacation. Let’s just go to my place. A secluded table, some big giant ants, and thou. Why don’t you just show her your big blue ass?


Working in financial services, you really get to help rich people realize their expensive dreams. You were in a zoo!

Futurama S3E13 – Bendin’ in the Wind. We futufama those guys, and we want them freed. Hey, want to go skinny-dipping by the light of the fireflies? Professor, you live here.

Futurama s07e15 Episode Script

Um clears throat Leela? Humans have been vacationing in our habitat for years. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so worried about them if you knew what they really thought of you.