List of Japanese television programs by date topic The following is a list of Japanese television programs by date of first broadcast in Japan. Ryuto is represented by Seiryuu. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Gransazers are divided into four tribes: Enemies in Justirisers divided into 2 part , they are: Toho has also been involved in the production of numerous anime titles. Notify me of new posts via email. Each one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them to summon a high-powered suit of armor that transforms them into a Justiriser.

Retrieved 6 June The design of his black-coloured suit’s is based on the Japanese Yamabushi Hermit Monks of the Shugendo Doctrine , with the helmet design having the Tortoise Motif. It was broadcast on IBC Channel 7. Japanese television directors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese film directors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Shouta was worried for her protection, which Yuka in the end shows that she can handle the dangers of being in harms way. He later investigates, and tests Shirakawa, his superior, by asking about his daughter, while implying that she was a boy by a form of address. Kageri’s finisher “Phantom Crush”, harnesses the charging of the Justipower of Wind into the Kageri Striker to fire off a powerful energy arrow at the enemy. However, she later act as groups’ mentor, much to the crush of Kenta in one particular episode and her inexperience to domestic chores like cooking or baking cookies.

Tohru has a nephew named Kazuya, who is emotionless since his older sister as well as Kazuya’s mother were hospitalized. Its primary attack is Double Shock Busterwhereby each of Ryuto’s dragon heads fire powerful bolts of golden lightning from their mouths.

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Japanese television directors Revolvy Brain gfnseishin Japanese film directors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers in both human form and as Demon Knight. As a mobile fortress type of Jushirisers, it possesses a pair of Riser Cannons for artillery firing, the main weapon “ChiGenHou Riser Buster” derived from Riseross’s tail cannon for heavier blasts, and a powerful pair of claws derived from Riseross’s legs called Magna Grasper which can be used to deliver powerful slashes or perform a spinning slash.


Member feedback about Toho: Justirisers The Justirisers The Justirisers are three chosen humans who are given the mysterious Justipower, the “Earth’s will” that was discovered by the Riserseijin Noulan who utilized it to seal away Kaiser Hades long ago.

Gant’s Justipower harnesses Thunder energy and specializes in ranged combat. Automata — Official Trailer https: Ryuto is represented by Seiryuu. King Ghidorah until Kawakita’s retirement from theatrical work. Cult TV Essentials Tagged as: Minna no Yama Ninja Kids!!!

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After becoming a Justiriser, he takes up the job of protecting humanity instantly, and begins to take his kendo practice episodf seriously… although not his schoolwork. The transformation call is “Souchaku! Member feedback about Wataru Fukuda: Seven years later, Suzuki would become Kawakita’s go-to assistant from Godzilla vs. Eplsode of a sudden a flash of lightning strikes the episde. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content.

Its powerful finisher “JustiCrash” is also a resemblance of Riser Glen’s “Raging Flame” finisher but with the combined powers of the three Justirisers’ energy that is capable of taking out the most powerful of enemies. Kaiser Hades and Daruga Imperial Army who want to defeat Justirisers and captured, invaded and destroyed earth, but all of them are eliminated in the story episodes.

Genseishin Justirisers

Member feedback about Jiro Okamoto: The show aired 51 episodes between October 2, and September 24, He decided running away from geneeishin, making his college friends teasing about it. Events in in Japanese television. Original programming Newscasts The Each of those powers are based on the Four Symbols of Chinese Origin.

However, he acts on his own to sake her own desire to kill Demon Knight. However, prior to his death, Hades sends his power to Daruga.

She would rather go back to being a regular schoolgirl, as her duties interfere more and more with her social life. In this form, Riser Glen becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit. Juu-Riser is designed to be less mobile in movement, but is advantageous when defense and firepower is needed to take out giant enemies, in which this GenSeiShin has plenty of.


It has many powerful weapons of its own, including: Video file is corrupt and is not playable. Feel free to translate….

Its core power has the combined powers of all 3 Justirisers magnified by the JustiCrystal that Mio holds and lasts as long as she can maintain the unity within it. He does not take mo That same year, his role as Kawamura carried into the live adaptation film of the manga.

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Though the Justirisers attempt to intervene, Zora shatters the key plate and frees Hades as she is wounded by then as they manage to turn the tables on her. Retrieved 13 November However, she later act as groups’ mentor, much to the crush of Kenta in one particular episode and her inexperience to domestic chores like cooking or baking cookies.

Toho topic Toho Co. The Sazer-X defeated the monster anyway. Member feedback about Hirofumi Fukuzawa: Riser Glen’s main weapon is the Katana Blade “Glen Sword”, which can be unsheathed for better offensive capability and can be re-sheathed to charge up his Justipower of Fire for his signature finisher, “Raging Flame”, which releases a destructive wave of blazing slashes from his sword. Member feedback about List of programmes broadcast by Cartoon Network India: Toho has also been involved in the production of numerous anime titles.

He appeared in Hiroshi Shinagawa’s debut film Drop.

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