Longitude, Latitude, Comment The Output Folder is the destination of where you want the exported files to go. Memory storage — generally can accommodate large amounts of data. Converting a Shapefile to a Coverage a. There are a variety of accessories that can be purchased to increase PDR functionality. Specify an output location using the browse if needed. In the Waypoint Properties window, click Create. Open the new import file using File Open.

Add this document to collection s. On a unit running Windows Mobile , changes to connection options are located in Activesync Menu Connections 4. Delete the header line, and all other columns of data. Browse for the Input Dataset you need to change the projection on. Never hold the power button for 60 seconds. Once a suitable provider has been selected, click OK.

Whenever you change the datum, or more correctly, the geographic coordinate system, the coordinate values of your data will change. Type a name for the export file. Click Browse to locate and select the file to import.

Added file extensions description More than one construction type can be used but the top type checked will take priority over any others checked.

GIS data can be in Shapefile or Waypoint hetting prior to importing.

The following is an example of coordinate values and how they can differ. Skyplot — The current configuration of satellites visible to the datalogger.


If necessary, set the output projection in Advanced Geometry Options if the native coordinates are different than the desired coordinates i. If needed, select the Output Folder by using the Browse button.

GPS to GIS Procedural Handbook & Reference Guide

This converts regions into a separate polygon coverage. Set Projection — quickly set Data Frame projection 2. ActiveSync can create conflicts when the user is trying to access other devices.

An Almanac is downloaded from the satellites automatically. Operating System is either o Windows CE 3. Hopefully by adhering to the following procedures, many mistakes can be avoided. Pocket PC will auto-detect the serial clip.

A Status window will appear showing if the conversion was successful. When completely finished editing the GPS data, the user has options to: Click Close to finish.

GPS to GIS Procedural Handbook & Reference Guide

PDOP standard is 6 and should be set in the unit. If disconnected, go to step 3. Metadata of lesser value includes the basic log files generated during imports or rover file audits.

GeoExplorer CE series a. Right-click on the layer and select Data Export Data.

While all effort is made to keep information as up-to-date and accurate as possible, geoexpplorer document is not guaranteed to be free from errors.


If desired, set the accuracy required for validation. This affects display only. Due to constant changes in technology in regards to GPS units and PC software, some models may not be discussed. Easting, Northing or Longitude, Latitude. Close — Closes the feature.

Garmin units are primarily designed as a navigation tools. Base files are good to within miles. This also may vary feature to feature.

Browse for the file containing the coordinates. The view allows the user to see their location in relation to other features. They are only intended geoxplorer be used as a guide. Press the power button again to turn the unit on. These are similar, yet separate systems and vary on what programs they can support.

Adding XY Data 1. Specify an output location using the browse if needed. In the Other box: The following textfile format is an example: Enter the values of —4,for X, Y, Z. Added section on Seres 6. A GIS specialist is often asked to plot these coordinates on a map.