Also removable is the safety stop screw. The new leveling system made of three independent leveling bubbles on the quick release plate and one in the ball stem, always guarantee perfectly leveled images. One more important lock knob test: Gitzo Bubble Ball also features a perfected PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface micro roughness for the ultimate shooting experience and accuracy. Using this head with gloves is not a problem. My only reason for not giving this 5 stars is due to the traditional screw-down release; I would have much more preferred the more modern quick-release lever found on the Markins.

Customer support every day The Acratech GP-s is another ball head model I currently own and use with some frequency. PTFE is one of the lowest-friction materials known to science, with the same friction coefficient as melting ice. The knob rolls very easily in fingers and it locks the ball tightly with only a modest amount of torque applied. One of the reasons that a head is made taller is because a larger ball and ball housing is desired and more space is required to make that larger size work. I highly recommend it.

Flash, Lighting and Accessories. Also sometimes helps with portrait lighting. My account My Photopoint Login to your personal Photopoint account.

Series 2 Traveler Ball Head

The lower the height, the closer your camera and lens are to the tripod’s apex and all other aspects being equal, that means a stronger and lower-vibration setup overall that is also slightly less-likely to topple over.

Their curved, tall shape is eye-catching with the durable mottled grey and black finish being very durable and, along with some silver accents, quite attractive, matching the metal parts of Gitzo’s tripods.

As mentioned, some heads never completely lock and are limited to carrying lighter loads heavier camera setups flop over too easily. Omniva courier delivery The courier will transport your goods from Photopoint straight to the provided address. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The GHTQD is significantly taller and its base is much narrower, permitting traveler-style tripod legs to completely fold over it for an extremely gead overall size.


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Apart from the dramatic weight reduction achieved, this beautiful sphere guarantees an exceptionally smooth operation. Align it perfectly with the line created by the intersection of the silver and patterned area with in the body opening to quickly center the clamp on the head.

And, even cameras with L-plates sometimes need more range of motion for photographing up or down at strong angles. For this product you can select the desired delivery method at the shopping cart: Hold your phone near you as the courier will call you prior to its arrival.

The second character describes the product type and “H” is for “Head” bal that’s logical. Rated 5 out of 5 by MKM from Nicely engineered hardware This replaces the ball head that came with my traveller tripod.

Product description Specification This new head combines lightweight and compactness with a lot of the innovative features.

There have been some otherwise very nice ball heads on the market that I have avoided because of this issue. It is used on graveler upper discs of tripods and heads, and in applications where the equipment is rotated and screwed onto the support to eliminate micro movements and vibration.


It is used on the upper discs of tripods and heads, seroes in applications where the equipment is rotated and screwed onto the support to eliminate micro movements and vibration. A longer stem on the ball is another reason a head can increase in height. Also removable is the safety stop screw. This “simplified” center ball head features a single knob for locking pan and tilt. I have been using Markins ball heads for many years, which are truly incredible, but for a smaller travel tripod Gitzo GTT I went ahead with this head gitxo it would make a perfect match.

It is used on the upper discs of the head — where the camera is rotated and screwed onto the support — to eliminate micro-movements and vibration Bubble Ball Gitzo has developed an exclusive technology that enables the company to produce high-quality, completely round, hollow spheres, with an ultra-thin wall that results in an incredible weight reduction Silky-Smooth PTFE Coating Gitzo’s Bubble Ball also features a PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface’s micro-roughness for the ultimate in accuracy.


Gitzo GHTQD Series 1 Traveler Center Ball Head GHTQD B&H

I am grateful for your support! Customer support every day The first was that Gitzo finally embraced the Arca-Swiss standard for the clamps. Rated 5 out of 5 by John from Truly a Traveler Attached to the Tx I’ve got the stability and flexibilty for most shots and it’s only 3 lbs – can’t ask for much more than that Date published: This new head combines lightweight and compactness with a lot of the innovative features.

Series 3 Systematic Aluminium 3-section Tripod Long. Generally, ball head manufacturers provide load capacity specs for their heads and expect you to figure out what gear will play nicely together with their respective heads.

Gitzo GHT Series 1 Traveler Ball Head GHT B&H Photo

A longer stem can provide more clearance, but the camera on top of the longer stem tilts farther left and right when leveling adjustments are being made typically a minor detail. The entire head is precisely-made, primarily of aluminum.

The Gitzo GHTQD’s body surrounds the ball with what appears to be Delrin, a dimensionally-stable engineering thermoplastic ideal for high precision parts that require high stiffness and low friction. These are located also in smaller Estonian towns. While it works great and the knob is easy to roll in the fingers, this clamp is rather slow to use.

While that can work, I’m generally not comfortable using with weights approaching max load capacity with vibrations and load manageability being primary issues.