Car wont run because the timing chain failed and engine is out of whack. I have a 98 Buick with , miles. Replaced crank shaft sensor and checked for spark and fuel which all seem to work fine. Add to watch list. What else can the issue be?? I’m sorry I can’t advise you further. The best thing you can do before buying a used car without having it checked at a professional shop is to make sure everything works on it: The fact it will hold pressure all day cold points to something metallic heating up and expanding thereby leaking through a hairline fracture somewhere.

That was not the problem, he got a piece of the plastic manifold stuck in the intake valve. Need to make a change?. We desided to have the motor rebuilt by the local NAPA machine shop who also installed a re-ground cam as one lobe was shot. A metal tube routed up through the lower metal intake manifold from the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve burns holes in the plastic manifold it extends into, allowing coolant to be mixed into the crankcase engine oil and combustion chambers. The short sighted decisions like this from their engineering department, and their incredibly stupid union contracts are killing them. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Dorman Intake ManifoldMore like a complete service kit than a single part.

Dorman 615-180 1995-2004 GM 3800 (3.8) Engine Upper Plenum Series II

Feeling more confident that it was safe to take it on the road. If that hasn’t been at a minimum resurfaced or at a maximum, built up and then resurfaced it might be impossible to get that seal you need to prevent oil from dumping kpper. I added about 4 oz!

You’re also dealing with an engine that remanufacturers on professional lines are having more and more problems getting right. Not only check the oil cap but, if people are concerned that their engine is one of the less fortunate one’s with these gasket and intake problems, check the dip stick every time i drive the car until you can get it fixed. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. So much oil that it’s causes car to blow blue smoke for a minute or two when first start it up.


Vehicle ran and was driven for upwards of two hours without an issue!!! I am not even a good STM.

I wish for your sake it’s the intake gasket misplaced. J, if you have no coolant leaks, no engine noise, and no milky substance, then take it into a good shop and have them do a diagnostic check on it for the problem you’re having. Thanks again for your prompt reply BernardL. They also flushed the radiator water-only no high-pressure or flush agents used, again I had only had water in the cooling system from the beginning of July through mid-October.


3800 Intake

Gregg, according to GM, they fixed all the problems with the composite manifolds by Matthew, they run great but I was going to use this but this one has the angled throttle body mount and I need the straight style.

I have had the oil pressure light come on 3 times in the last two days and the engine quit the last two times. Keep in mind that everyone’s standard warranty on a used engine is a part, no labor warranty.

It’s a gamble even when you have a pro check it Rodney, which is why maintenance records on oil changes, coolant flushes, and trans servicing are important. I replaced most of them but I have a check value still needing to be installed. Went through all the proper notions with care and precision as I always do.

Towed home, pulled upper intake and ingake is FULL of water. Can the EGR port in the lower manifold have a crack in it allowing the coolant to go into the port, up the tube and into the upper manifold?

GM put these plastic composite manifolds on to lighten the vehicle to meet federal gas mileage demands. She described copious white smoke and liquid coming out of the exhaust until she turned the engine off.

Bernard’s Blog: GM L Plastic Composite Intake Manifold

I remember taking off the cylinder heads a few weeks back and the rods on the cylinder closer to the winshield were a charcoal color. Plastic Number Of Ports: I don’t know seeries this ‘Lucas’ is either. Sell now – Have one to sell?

A professional inspection is a must before you go any further and may require an engine tear down. So while this is definately a problem, the great majority of folks with this engine will never have to deal with it.


It fits down the spark plug holes. Even though it was only two days between changing the oil and the repair, should I change the oil and filter again? I hope there’s no other damage due to the coolant circulating in the engine. Got it towed home and found the telltale milky oil under the fill cap and thought “Head Gaskets”!

Dorman Other Part Number: Yes, they will replace it with another plastic manifold but it will be an improved version. See compatible vehicles Quantity: Milkshake inside oil cap, losing coolant, also I noticed what appears to be ehaust gases coming through to the coolant resevoir Is that last one weird for dormsn problem?

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He’s fixing it right now and told maanifold I was lucky and caught it before I destroyed the bearings or worse, srries locked the engine! In this case, the serial number of this particular item is Should I have tests done, or extra teardown and checking-out?

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For our complete and detailed warranty and returns policy, please see our eBay About Me page. New Manufacturer Part Number: He reinstalled the rest of the motor without uppef problems.

Coolant in all 6 cylinders and standing coolant in lower intake manifold. Bent rods, noisy lifters, and a lot of unknowns might be ahead of you upon start up. Skip to main content. Finally someone with good experience and knowledge offered at no cost who seriew very genuine with results dating back nearly 5 years and still to date offering a helping hand!