I know I know keep the comment section clean. I’m honestly glad it’s over because I’m so sick of all this gushing over our main couple’s chemistry. So I liked how it ended anyway. Ever since I found your website thru another blogspot, Ive been hooked. I have many responsibilities on my shoulder and I hope you can be my worthy partner. It adds flavor to the already fantastic OTP.

Love is like a lie that came towards me, and then this lie became love. I want to watch this couple forever………. I will keep in touch and follow your blog and hope you help me find more korean drama to watch through your recaps and reviews as I continue my love affair with Korean drama.. She exchanges emails with Ki Joon every day, the emails like love letters between them. This first rule is: The ending kiss…I have no nice coherent words for that. Kudos and keep up the good work.

O I love City Hunter! I feel that she has no artistic integrity at all! The rapport between the two of them was so flawless and real. But hey, we are free to find inspiration wherever we choose. Hope they all got rest. She must be comfortable with him to do that knowingly i.

But there are also dramas that make you feel, reaches somewhere inside of you and burrows itself inside your heart. Yes please pray for me to have my beautiful story hahah. Did you not see the part where I said I was joking?

Hahahah They should have put manager park up in lats beesnatch man. Actors only get synopsis when they sign up for a drama so how was she to know that the writing will be a failure? I telbabad the problem with this drama is that it is too long. He says this place is more comfortable. And now we come to the end and there is a little hole left in my heart.


Will always visit your playground koala. Both character are just so sweet, yes, of course it is not a perfect with some few flaws like real life but we can follow the flows of the story of two people.

Lie to Me Episode 16 Recap

No pressure but you have become my guide to K-drama. I telebanad about all you said. Love came and found us like a lie. The grab epixode head and lay it on your lips manly. When nothing else works a bit of fanservice can’t hurt. Ji Hwan is to die for!! He reaches out his hand to shake hers, but really it was to pull her in for a kiss. Another masterpiece of a recap.

Lie to Me Episode 16 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

But really there aren’t many Korean drama’s out there that have a logic in it. Does anybody know the truth about our couple? Their conversation was so open and candid.

Koala for your recap.

Perfect participants who are addicts to LTM…. There’s a great balance between the revenge and the love scheme which seems hard for a lot of dramas with a strong plot.

He flies down to Jeju the second after he reads it. I really hate to let this moment go, touching your skin and your hair falling slow, When a goodbye kiss, feels like this.

I loved this final episode, not because it was so darn well-written and wrapped everything up with a bow. Do you think some of their actions during the kiss scenes are ad-libs…. I loved how So-Ran kept telling herself to use nice words, so funny.

Best big hair and eyeliner ever! Im happy that we all shared the addiction even through the onsllought lke haters and antis telebabadd thinks we are below homo sapiens for watching the dramas. Time will tell when can I got over this. If you all wanna read it, feel free to do so.


I will always visit your blog for K drama reviews. Just finishing watching ep 16…the last scene the distant shotam I dreaming or what, seems like I saw another kiss Ji-Hwan to Eun Hye. I know that chemistry usually comes naturally, but I feel that writing plays a huge part in developing that chemistry with good dialogue and well-thought-out interactions.

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Ah Jung leaves work to find Ki Joon leaning against her car waiting for her. You should be a writer, director, editor and producer. The only good thing of the last A downturn in the finale ratings bolsters the majority sentiment that this drama seriously overextended its stay.

You forgot to mention a very important part in t bed scene the next morning: Loved everything you said! I really enjoyed watching our OTP. They telebbaad really bring out their very best!. But in my little time watching dramas, of all the dramas I have watched this belong in last places of my list.

It was a jungle out there other blogswith poison darts and laast flying everywhere. Ki Joon mumbles under his breath that his plan worked!