We find out the girl is actually a classmate of Kazuya, which explains the one empty seat in the classroom. I’ve enjoyed this immensely, and although I want to see what happens next, I don’t want it to get closer to the end. BBCode Kokoro did nothing wrong. That earns points in my book! One minute scene and you’re kicked out of the series for good. Victorique’s cries at the end were extremely unsettling, very powerful voice acting.

He’s a chibified younger version of himself now and someone’s telling him to get up. Kusuriuri from Mononoke by pana LJ username. Some of the guests begin jumping on a lifeboat More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: When Vic broke down sobbing at the end Your lack of perspective annoys me. I hope that drill guy is on Vic’s side.

I think it would take me several hours. You know, with the obviously not suspicious invitation in the yacht. I mean, anmie really doesn’t sound nice or anything, it actually hurts the ears a bit.

Kujo is so dense not to mention his constant retarded shouting It turns out to be Cordelia A few more sentences later, he freaks out goskck runs down the stairs saying, “a doll gosiick my future. Skipping awesome opening, everyone in the dinning room seems to be asleep.


Victorique has an epic pipe. Our protagonist goes to the library of the school to learn about these ghost stories, one being the Queen Berry.

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Remember the ending gun fire? Find More Posts by Zero Gravity. Do you guys know?

ffreak If I had a power like that, guessing if a person is lying would be so much episodee to know. Now that the trap was sprung, people run out of the room and outside. I can’t even muster my usual “HA! I should say nine. Might as well put something up for everyone who hasn’t watch this yet and plans to.

What the hell, this is too much. Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! Now enters our main character of Gosick, Kazuya Kujo. We then see a dog with red eyes and a hare rabbit. Gosick Episode 22 Discussion. This library doesn’t look that- OH MY! She finds a letter. Intense crying at the end.

But it’s too pretty to not watch it to the end, so meh. Whoever wins this war becomes justice! I get to call them whatever I want! Like, right in front of you. Contact Us – Find More Posts by SoulArbiter. Then, using some power she has called “The Fountain of Wisdom” inside her, she reconstructed the truth.


Gosick Episode 22 Discussion

Check it out, or I’m getting the dogs on you. Pretty boy is dead! Kazuya comes running up the stairs with a newspaper in hand. Do you know how far up this is?? I just really liked Kujou and Victorique’s interactions throughout this episode down to every expression on their faces, like when Victorique got that pendant.

Someone died, back to our characters. All times are GMT If not, he’ll be the biggest disappointment of this anime for me and he will feel my hatred for all eternity Well, that’s it for this. Kujo is so stupid, even I would suspect evil looking men in black suits.

Justice will prevail, you say? The Marines are righteous? Episode 3 has arrived!