It seemed like just groups of people talking to each other, plotting. Ep 59 on KBSW this evening was another fun and enjoyable plot. Establish a new defense line in the north: As the new stepson of the crown prince, Ko Un sheds his old name for his new one: Mr Ha Muji is about as useful as a modern-day computer gamer who’s more skilled at shooting CGI arrows than tasting real blood and white gunky brain matter being splattered across his face. In addition to this, Wonbong received a document from Gae Yeonsu’s servant Jupo. You’re right, Mzeiya – one of Go Un’s followers, the one that had fisticuffs with Yeoseokgae, looks regretful that he has turned his back on Koguryeo and he is seen being comforted by Go Chang and Yeon Salta. What happened to the Damdeok who thought up the ingenious scheme of making Houyan think Mo Duru had turned against Koguryeo and who devised the plan to set the bridge the Emperor and his soldiers would cross on fire?

This is puzzling to Murong Chui because all the Goguryeo soldiers are supposed to be in Yodongseong. Curious Murong Chui turns and sees smoke coming from his camp. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. Gwanggaeto never conquered Baekje though. Remove these women from the plot entirely and we’ll have week after week of men with unruly curly hair sitting around long tables and occasionally fighting face 2 face, and those who don’t die repeat the same process above and the kings will slam the table, repeat the same message he just heard the messenger tell him, then ask stupid questions which none of his general can answer, but can only give the king looks of shock and awe, then the general with the lowest IQ will suggest some richard simmons plan that the king promptly rejects because the king is the only man with A plan, unless your family name begins with HA So far he seems loyal to Koguryeo. When he doesn’t listen to Ha Muji, things go wrong; when he does, it goes right.

The problem I have with Ha Muji is that he appeared out of no where. Damdeok and Go Un have discovered this at the same time. So who dare says except KBS drama writers DD hasn’t been actively working out in the bedroom and physically de-stressing with the help of his ex-warrior wife, eh?


King Gwanggaeto eps 64: Ending the Houyan-Biryeo Attack

Afterwards, Gwanggaeeto Un privately meets the Goguryeo king in the palace where he boasts of his new royalty position and lays out the things to come: Even by today’s standards of modern high tech warfare, plain bravado and the willingness to sacrifice oneself indeed has little to do with securing battlefield success than without proper strategic planning and having numerical advantage plus the necessary political will of the citizenry behind you.

Maybe the writers included Ha Muji to take the heat so that Gwanggaetk can remain lovable to all viewers.

He isn’t that powerful or influential in the court. They will do anything to stay number one.

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Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. As the new stepson of the crown prince, Ko Un sheds his old name for his new one: Between the Yodongseong fortress and the Houyan army, all eyes watch the two aged warriors on their horses with only distance separating them.

But the fact that little is known about him, and his abrupt appearance from nowhere makes people around him not quite sure whether they can trust him or not. At this point, the camera in on the Epjsode soldier and on seeing the hair, I laughed my lungs out. However, couple of key developments, Ko Mu dies, Murong Chui hands over operations to Murong Bao he’s not king yet because of the wound. Posted January 25, NOT fight on the front lines.

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The soldiers turns, removes his helmet and lo and behold Damdeok. Funny thing about all this is how fast Houyan jump back to their old ways. It makes Damdeok look like a dummy. When Hwanghoe goes to supervise the construction of some walls on the border with Baekje, he discovers that there is some irregularity with the ownership of the land.

Episoce do your best. Now whether or not this was a ‘secret’ Korean government ploy to encourage korean couples to get married and increase the pathetically low birth rate is something I cannot confirm but suffice to say, korean citizens are not biting I think Sagal Hyeon and the volunteers had already left to climb the cliff.


He still died, didn’t he He wanted to stay on top. The court official is now ripe for blackmail.

Although they fear Goguryeo will kill him, Ko Un volunteers to lead this mourning group. To his surprise, the Houyan soldiers draw their weapons on Murong Chui. Where are the tactics?

KGTG should have done what the Tang tried to do to the skilled and influential people of Goguryeo in DJY, relocate them from their homeland or kill them.

One wouldn’t want to see a Goguryeon hero-warrior walking around in the afterlife with a war accessory sticking out front and back, now would we? Damdeok was a more competent commander when he was the crown prince. VICTORY surely comes when your enemy generals have all been depleted and sent to the other world, while more of your generals are still standing and ready to fight the next battle.

Once he tasted the fruits of victory in battle, he was hooked. Houyan soldiers come racing and inform him that Goguryeo soldiers are attacking the camp. Posted January 20, He’s just too good to be true, both in terms of human abilities and motives because a man of his talents could very well do something much worse or better than ‘serve’ a king.

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But he really wasn’t interested in the business of administering these territories; he left it to others, and who else was better than the former monarchs under the eye of Koguryeo officials of course at keeping these territories humming along as before? It does seem that there are some big plans afloat. Speaking of queen, this episode confirms that replacement queen Yak Yeon is probably expecting because in typical Korean drama fashion, any woman who has nausea and is about to throw up but never does, is gwangageto always pregnant.