Yes No Report this. Nick and Hank are used to grizzly crime scenes and battling with supernatural Wesen creatures, but when a computer programmer is killed, the detectives are drawn into a very dangerous game, both real and online. Meanwhile, Juliette has a vision of Nick and goes to see Monroe and Rosalee for help. With the man’s death sentence rapidly approaching and the knowledge he’s recently gathered from Nick, Hank begins to wonder if there was more truth to the man’s seemingly absurd story then he once thought. When a local Reverend reports that his church has been robbed, Nick quickly learns that it’s a Wesen church, and enlists Monroe to check for any suspicious activity regarding the shepherd’s flock. He kills the coders’ characters and then splits them in half.

A series of horrifying child attack and abductions at Halloween pairs Nick and Hank with Valentina Espinosa, a mysterious detective, and Juliette, who joins as the Spanish translator. Nick comes to Hank for help to keep Monroe safe and Hank uses this time to get caught up with his knowledge of the “Wesen world. Meanwhile, Rosalee continues to work with Juliette in order to fix her memory, but Juliette is experiencing scary visions, could they mean anything? After Nick learns about Juliette and Captain Renard, he must deal with the consequences. Retrieved April 1, Juliette Silverton as Bitsie Tulloch. Retrieved April 8,

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002-2 Juliette is released from the hospital, but Nick remains saddened that she has no feelings for him and no memory of their relationship. Retrieved October 29, Having broken a very serious creature code, it’s more than just the Portland PD who are after justice against the dangerous bandits, but can Nick get there first? During jury duty, Rosalee seeks Nick, Hank and Monroe’s help to stop a defense attorney with peculiar powers of persuasion on cases that should be quickly resolved.

Episode 1 – Bad Teeth A foreign agenda to hunt down nick is revealed as the body 0-22 in Portland rises.

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Nick and Hank will have to investigate who is behind this vengeful new presence in Portland. High school competition turns deadly. After investigating a grisly murder, clues rp Nick and Hank to a seemingly unstable father who is on the run with his daughter.


Juliette joins their investigation, acting as the precinct’s fill-in Spanish translator.

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As Nick and his mother continue to battle the Mauvais Dentes, Monroe and Rosalee fight against the clock to save Juliette. Monroe accidentally reveals that one of the visions is of Nick in Aunt Marie’s trailer, and Juliette demands they take her there, as she believes it will recover her memory.

Papa Ghede is going to the palace! There have been plenty of strange things appearing in Portland, but there has been no sign of zombies, until now. Consistency is important in a series, and in this case, the show forces some changes to justify the plot that do not fit the mold. Natural causes are not to blame and the detectives soon come across a Wesen that feeds off its victim’s tears.

Audible Download Audio Books. Retrieved October 22, Edit Storyline Nick is puzzled by several cases where a suspect who escaped the police is violently dealt with by a masked, cloaked avenger. Marie died too early since she was a promising character. Nick and Hank join forces with Valentina Espinosa a mysterious detective from Albuquerque, to help find and capture the elusive suspect.

The Hour of Death

What Would You Do? On March 16,NBC announced grumm the series had been renewed for a second season with a episode order.

In other police matters, Captain Renard deals with an unwanted infatuation while we learn an old accomplice of his has been spending time with his family in Europe. Audible Download Audio Books. Nick must face the consequences of learning the truth about Juliette After Nick learns about Juliette and Captain Renard, ssason must deal with the consequences.

Later, once again, another dangerous opponent targets Nick in search for the key.

Retrieved March 11, Monroe’s days may be numbered when Angelina comes back to town. Nick must find a way to get close without losing himself in the process, however despite his best efforts Nick becomes obsessed with Khloe and even ditches dinner with Juliette who is trying to apologise to him as more and more of her memories of him come back to her.


Use the HTML below. Elsewhere, Wu responds to a bizarre shooting at Nick and Juliette’s house. Is there another Grimm in town, or is Nick dealing with a sadistic copycat? Rocky Babb Kate Burton As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable siting he had, an old friend, Jarold Kempfer, needs his help when his daughter goes missing.

He’ll eat and drink when he gets back!

Want to Make a Cult Classic? The lawyer Frank Rabe, who owns the house, reports to the police while Gilda asks Nick to investigate what has happened to Rocky. Meanwhile, Captain Renard continues to reveal himself as he deals with his estranged brother.

Watch now on “UnMade”. In Europe, Adalind finds herself in the middle of a feud between Frau Pech and Stefania while working over the details of her pending transaction. Retrieved from ” https: The beginning, and the introduction to the episode’s mystery, is too forced and brusque, and it will take a while for the viewer to get back into the plot.

This was actually a made-up quote by the writer Richard Hatem, although he did draw a little from a piece of elegant personification within the Hans Christian Andersen tale ‘The Garden of Paradise. Written by KGF Vissers. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter. Back at the spice shop, Monroe finds himself involved in a situation he never saw coming. While investigating an accident site, Nick comes upon a bizarre and gruesome Wesen disease that is spreading quickly.

Wu calls Nick to another strange crime scene where a young man and a cow have been killed. Retrieved May 9, Retrieved April 20, Meanwhile, Captain Renard gets a tip about a dangerous foreign fugitive who’s made his way to Portland.

The gang recruit Monroe to help deliver real justice.