Join 2, other followers Follow. And his make-up artists, I guess. Whisper May 15, at If she is ready to kill herself why did she not hide a knife or two at all time and removed jkw’s manhhood if not his life when the opportunity arrives? KC wants GD to grant him one wish if he succeeds in getting that token. May 14, at 2: GW orders him to finish in four. LSK should consider wearing green contacts.

The other aspect of KC’s growth process I see is how KC needs to accepts himself, and see how good he is, instead of taking in the labels that others throw at him. Dam Yeo Wool is a master of martial arts and archery. KC runs in anticipation to his seat but unlike the other tables, there is only porridge and soy sauce. KDaddict May 14, at I don’t even understand that spell. Preview for Episode 10 PJ: It also gives us the time to deal with real life, which we cannot escape unfortunately.

Guess this is part of the process of becoming a human. I know that KC is also loyal, and he feels very protective of CJ, however, I kept feeling that there might be something a little more. He cries that he hates how pathetic and weak he is. I would have specified to Lee Soon Shin that it is the ability to enquire about our own nature and ability to pursue higher purposes of life that distinguish us from animals. I couldn’t help but think about the song “the power of love” by Celine Dion or at least those lyrics in one of her songswhen YW chose to stand by KC’s side, defending him and standing up dramacraxy her dad, using his own words.

But Dad refuses to give in, and orders her to move aside. Wouldn’t that set up some interesting conflicts! He is called Teacher Jook-dal and is represented by afmily bamboo symbol. Hello everyone, I am just going to add my next comments part 3. But notice that he views himself as property too. Ironic isn’t it that it was GW who ordered them dead? Gon thinks TS must be confused a bit but PJ suspects more because TS keeps saying he saw the murder with his own two eyes.


Were you… not human?

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Jo Sung Ha Supporting Cast. I’m just relieved that they Finally got the “de-flowering” bit out of the way. I would encourage you to do the same, if you don’t mind. That’s exactly what I thought too. KenyanKorean May 14, at I’m thinking he’s gonna be more at her side even more. He tells her of the secret room filled with nyang. May 14, at 6: Thank you for reminding me, duh!!!!!!

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Taking care of the household is not the only way a woman can live. She runs for her life, as Yeo-wool and Gon run in circles trying to get to the Moonlight Garden. Notify me of new posts via email. Otherwise it will end only when TS finally kills KC. Kim Hee Jung Supporting Cast. But now that so many people are mentioning it, I DO hope we get something weaved in for Yeo-wool so she’s not “just the love interest who tames the beast”.

I have been thinking back about the girl YW and the fate of her generous gift. Supernatural Bromances And Mythical Romances: KC finds GD eating a nice whole hen in the kitchen. Or did you mean his dad gumiho ‘s tomb? These two are biological siblings alright! Thank you so much!!!!! That would be a lot famkly scars to have on his body and he might run out of places to cut, over time.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He says it will take seven to eight days. I cried so hard that my throat hurt from not crying too hard. GD want to make a bet with Kc. He and TS are sitting under a tree one fine day.

GW sees CJ cleaning. Plus his neck was a lil too veiny for my liking now. Ji Hyun Woo on Yo….

WR is boook scary and furry looking. I think my neighbors just heard me laughing at that! And we were so worried from the posters.

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Notify me of new comments via email. I am sure you mean well, but you are confusing me. Now that I think about it, you’re biok.

What a wasted opportunity. GW has come to stay at Choon Hall because his room is undergoing repairs. As GF said in her commentary, YW not only saved KC from her dad killing him, she is saving KC from himself, from the shame he feels about his condition, which also makes him feel powerless.