Are they seriously gonna feel some attraction for each other? Currently So-jung is out in the woods, sighing up at the moon that Kang-chi only has ten more days left till he turns twenty. This episode did feel a bit rushed and sloppy despite the beautiful camera work. Back on the road, Kang-chi turns to Yeo-wool and drops the posturing attitude. The noticeable change in the movements when the scene changes from her to her stunt double and back make it even funnier. Sorry, real life is taking longer than I thought. How many yahoos do I have to put up with? Most love Seung Gi here so don’t.

And why won’t anyone listen the poor monk???? She posted her opinion. Contrast that with Suzy’s Yeo Wol kicking him in the face. He showed the same intensity there. I personally felt that that scene when KC falls on top of YW and the shifting of the eyes was not necessary. I agree, LSG’s crying scenes are great.

The only way I can imagine this being possible is if she sits down in front of her computer all day. He orders his minion to kill Lord Park quietly, and make it look like Kang-chi is the killer. I want more KC-Gon.

Some bits were episodr bits, so some exaggeration in needed. Only problem I have is that she doesn’t have the right kind of face for her tom-boy character – too girly?

I think his good luck days were over when Mom told the bodyguards to ensure that he never comes back. How much more lonely and hurt will he feel when things turn sour and bad?

Gu Family Book: Episode 5 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She went from a daughter who just witnessed the death of her father to a persistent woman tied to a tree to a loving sister ready to give up her innocence for her brother to a damsel-in-distress being saved by gumiho daddy to being in love to being a biatch episoed being a dramaacrazy in a span of 2 hours.

KC is 10 days short of becoming a full-fledge human, like his dad! Kang Chi might not yet show signs of being infatuated, much less in love, with Yeo Wol, but YW is obviously crushing on the guy.


I love how grudging Gon is episoxe the medicine Yeo-wool sent for Kang-chi, even surlier than usual. I have to give it to LSJ, he is playing despicable Evil Incarnate to a T, down to the lustful stares towards much younger women that just fu one’s skin crawl. Another nice review, GFB love http: Kim Dong Gyoon Supporting Cast.

Because her character has gone through different phases and characterizations within 2 episodes. She makes a point of blaming Kang-chi, which just adds to her hatefulness.

Meheartseoul | ~sweet memories~: Gu Family Book (구가의 서) OST & Lyrics

Suzy had been receiving some extremely harsh comments when her being cast in this drama was announced. They stand there looking at each other gook a charged drakacrazy and then suddenly he lunges at her. When SeoHwa and WolRyung fell in love with each other, I felt moved that characters could love each other without the pretense of childhood crush.

I’m fine with the way the father dies. Kim Bo Mi Supporting Cast. The way he looked at CJ was sooo repelling Everyone watches in horror as Lord Park is stabbed through the chest and gurgles blood.

Everything you said is true! May 7, at Thank goodness too since I’ve been in such a drought lately. Yeo-wool squirms, and Gon has a silent freakout at Kang-chi hugging her. I meant to post darmacrazy after my response to Pabo, and I started writing it, and then I fell asleep.

Kangchi, the Beginning

booi For her, the importance is not with the how we get there but the what happens after. Osi April 22, at That’s how i famlly even able to stick through all those 30 episodes. I’m still curious as to how the writer will create a situation where she would have to put her family ontop of Kangchi which will force her to break up with him and allow Kangchi to properly pursue Yeowool. I hate the hair though! I think it was an instinctive move to protect the one you love.


Kang-chi begs him to wake up.

It has only been ep 2. Nina April 16, at 8: Love how these two little tykes give each other embarrassing side glances!!! Song Young Kyu Supporting Cast. This episode made me awww a thousand times at Kang-chi. But here, I found a site where you can download both the video and the sub.

If you want realistic, natural expressions then why dramarazy you watching this drama? Chars in the drama r supposed to think that’s a boy? Eoisode her character is likeable, so as long as Yeo-wool doesn’t have too many emotions that are beyond Suzy’s range of portrayal i.

God bless you always. Yoo Yeon Seok Main Cast. I felt the love between kang chi and CJ It’s ok to critique this drama – say what u like and what u darmacrazy, but don’t bash it and then promote another drama.

Oh well, I guess that means I get to fully enjoy the drama compared to everyone else. Suzy is pretty good IMO. I can’t help but wish Lee Yoo Bi playing Suzy’s character instead and someone else other actress playing her character as Chung Jo. I personally thought in some ways that HB’s character in the drama had more chemistry with the female 2nd lead Jung Ryeo-Won’s character and that the actor himself had more chemistry with JRW than with KSA at times. Just my opinion, though.

Lord Park is convinced, and settles down for more serious talks in private. Well thank god for that: I think your prediction is perfectly reasonable. But then they’re already doing the “knew-each-other-as-kids-and-are-destined” route.