The Times Of India. You can change your city from here. Lisa talks to Mona at home on having strong feeling that Vidyut is cheating. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The flashback shows Viraj had gone to meet Nirvaan, and asks him how he missed exams which he learnt from the Dean. He promises to not leave her and speaks of loving her and later they share intimate moments. Neethoney Dance judge Renu Desai announces her next project. Disney to bring Broadway shows to India.

The prosecution has appealed that the watchman gets death by hanging. Mona at her end speaks of feeling disgusted to see his behavior, and wants them to get seperated. Shivaansh gets arrested But she suggests Anuj is showing care like he does with other patients. The story goes again in flashback on 4th July, at 8: You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He informs on not understanding Maths.

The special host of this episode is Tusshar Kapoor. Telugu remake of ‘Roja’ to launch soon. Mitra surrenders to police for questioning and speaks of coming back once he learnt about the murder.

Later, Mona prays at the graveyard and remininses the past moments she shared with Lisa. Ritu goes with that boy on his bike at her end. He speaks to Mohan that at Club 69 he is being beaten by the bouncer and he is told to come at the meeting then they will go back to the club to confront the men.

The men comes there to the bar and also Rakesh is there as well and Mohan thrashes the bouncer and they go inside the disco and wants to stop the dance and informs all strongly. Karan Agarwal Mitali Mitra.


Suraj is well dressed and in good clothes and she asks him why he looks so good and well-dressed. She tells Vidyut it is practical for them to separate. She welcomes him and speaks about shifting something and asks him from which chapter they should start. Gumrah Season 4, Episode 3 Share this: Shivaansh gets arrested High Five Spoilers high five July 29, He downplays her inquiries and he asked why he deleted the messages. Sangram-Armaan get into a heated argument.

She talks about knowing his interests in Gayatri and gives advise asking him to write a letter to express his feelings. Log into your account.

She meets her dad who informs her of wanting to take dinner and meanwhile he will take shower. Balaji Telefilms television series Channel V India television series Indian drama television series Indian crime television series Indian anthology television series Indian teen drama television series Indian legal television u;date Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Works about sexual harassment s Indian television series.

Yug, Navin, and Mayank interrupts Suraj when he was going to his flat and speaks that he writtrn doing tuition with a hot tuition teacher. She arrests Jairaj for the murder.

Gumrah- season 3: Amrita Prakash in an episode of Gumrah season 3 – Times of India

Mitra jpdate he has seen her in the lab sharing intimate moments with Prof. He informs the police by speaking about the incident on 3rd July, at 8: Wednesday, February 27, Deep to celebrate Arohi’s birthday Email required Address never made public. Anjor dislikes Chakor In flashback scene, he calls Kalyani to learn she is drunk. Gayatri remained in trauma writgen because of the poisoning in her medicines she took many years for full recovery.


The FB scene shows Vivek threatening her since he wants placement job.

Notify me of new posts via email. Isha finds a solution to the company’s problem. Hum Bane Tum Bane to take up the issue of ‘good touch and bad touch’. Karthika Deepam written update, February 26, She senses something amiss. The day is 20th February at Rakesh house and he is being told by his father to drop his sister Ritu Khuswa who is 17 year old.

Awasthy but he stops her by choking to death.

Gumrah Season 4 31st August 2014 Episode 1 Channel [V] – Written Update

The night of 22nd MarchSania goes with a friend in his car and she is followed by Rakesh. She thanks him for treating her and offers to have a handshake.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. He thinks its is their loss if such thing happens.

Soon after, both share intimate moments. He speaks of not seeing those videos and calls them bad and as he was leaving they made more fun of him. Unpopular updaye was becoming Mr.

High Five Spoilers high five July 29, Sooner then, the police inspector arrives there and asks Mona what new info she has got.